Global Perspective On Obesity

ObesityAccording to the report that was released recently, almost a third of the adult population and a quarter of the children these days are obese. This has been happening since the year 1980. This weight problem was used to be linked to having a well off lifestyle. It is now expanding and is currently considered as a global problem with a notable 62 percent of overweight individuals found in developing countries.

On a global note, there exist 2.1 billion people who are currently obese. The statistics rose tremendously from the previous number which was 857 million and that was 33 years ago. The report said that half of the women in Kuwait, Samoa, Qatar and Libya are overweight. In Tonga, more than half of the population is obese. In addition to that, 60% of the women and 75% of men in the United States are obese according to the study published in The Lancel Medical Journal.

Christopher Murray, the director of the University of Washington Institute said that obesity is an issue that affects people of all ages, class and location. He said that they assisted in collecting the obesity data from 1980 to 2013. He even added that no country was successful in decreasing the obesity rate in their place. China ranked 2nd in the top 10 obese countries and that was followed by India which ranked as 3rd. Other countries included are Germany, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and Egypt.

Obesity1A previous research was conducted and their results warned the entire population that this continued growth in the rate of obesity will greatly impact life expectancy. Being overweight places an individual in a much greater risk of having cardiovascular illnesses, diabetes, cancer and osteoarthritis. Studies show that the rate of obesity within 188 countries rose by 28 percent and 50% among kids. The percentage of obese men rose to 37 % from 29 % and 30 % to 38% for women.

The study also found out that developing countries have more obese women while countries that are already developed showed tremendous evidence of more men being overweight. W.H.O said that they aim to stop this increase by 2025. Some say that this aim is rather ambitious and unattainable without further research and extreme yet effective efforts.

A Quick View On The Best Weight Loss Resorts In America

Best Weight Loss Resorts Just in case you are one of those people who cannot find the right formula that will help you shed your excess weights, you now have a reason to feel positive as you will get the chance to know the top 10 America’s weight loss resorts. For those individuals who are irritated on their bulgy stomachs and love handles, the different weight loss resorts will surely be a big help for them. From those health clinics to the luxurious and enticing spa clinics, it can be said that the resorts included in the top 10 list are much different from the fat camps which have been around in several decades.

The following are the weight loss resorts that have made the list; Hilton Head Health WeightLoss Spa, from South Carolina,Cooper Wellness Program,of Texas, Cal-a-Vie Health Spa, of California, Canyon Ranch, Arizona, The Biggest Loser’ Resortat Fitness Ridge,ofUtah, PritikinLongevity Center and Spa, Florida, Green Mountain at Fox Run, Vermont,Red MountainResort and Spa, Utah, Miraval Resort and Spa, Arizona, and The Ranch at Live Oak – Malibu, of California.

All of the mentioned weight loss resorts are equipped of the latest technology and up to date methods that will help their guests to deal with their irritable body fats. The resorts are providing their guests and visitors variety of options as they boast different fitness classes. Some of the fitness classes are the following; Zumba, tennis, kayaking, and boxing.

One will also be treated with the 1200-1400 calorie meal plan for each day which guarantees to produce a positive result. The accommodation is also well taken care of by the mentioned resorts which is something that most people are really looking for these days.

The good thing about the weight loss resorts that you can find in the list is that it can give you the assurance of receiving the best output regarding yBest Weight Loss Resorts1our problem to your weight. According to the different surveys and studies, one who will spend his weekends or would stay long in the weight loss resorts are guaranteed to fulfill his long time goal which is to get rid of his unwanted body fats.

There are lots of reasons why you should spend your vacation or break in the weight loss resorts especially if you feel you have lost your confidence because of your excess weights. You will not only enjoy the views and the sceneries in these weight resorts, but you are also assured of getting the solution to your long time weight dilemma.

Eating Can Shed Away Sadness

diet happinessDepression is accounted as one of the most common burdens that are experienced by a lot of people all over the world. As a matter of fact, by 2020, depression will be the second largest burden that will affect people worldwide. For some, this state of mind is not that important since it is all about emotions. But actually, this is an alarming fact for all of us. Depression is not as simple you think it is. It can lead to other serious ailments if not cured immediately.

Have you heard of the diet for happiness? This diet will not actually help you feel happy but it will help you stay away from becoming stressed. Today, there have been a lot of tests and experiments conducted leading to the fact that having a healthy diet can beat depression.

According to these studies, depression is a state of mental health illness. Therefore, to fight it, a patient must indulge in foods that can help in the development and the growth of an overall mental health. What are these foods? Here is the list of some of them.

• Fish. This food is known for having a lot of omega 3 fatty acids and other diet happiness1healthy fats. Since these kinds of fats are very helpful for the development of mental stability, indulging in such food, especially salmon, can be of great help to beat depression.

• Green leafy vegetables. These foods are known to have folate. And according to studies, this is also very essential for mental health.

A combination of fresh sea foods and fruits and vegetables can lead you to a happy life that you are dreaming to have. Why not indulge with these foods? You can surely live happily and healthily at the same time.

Make Time For Overall Health


RNs are earning any where from $37,three hundred to higher than $74,760 based upon skills and expertise, apart from task spots. Median wage can be appreciated as $fifty two,330 on a yearly basis. Entry level RN can make from $thirty,000 to $forty five,000 each year. All this arrives with benefit packages together with Health insurance policies, holiday pay, college tuition reimbursement, childcare, pension options and considerably additional. Predicted scarcity of nurses over coming yrs is likely to tilt the circumstance extra in the favor of nurses and they can glimpse forward to a securer future with brighter potential customers and benefits.

‘The volume of most likely well being impacting chemical reagents emitted at printing products operate, for most section, satisfies the emission level need and does not exceed emission degree of similar reagents from other sources (not linked with printing equipment).

When it arrives to versatile dieting, specialists usually recommend supplying oneself a few cheat meals a week to advertise program adherence which can potential customers to prolonged phrase fat loss. This information has its location in virtually any type of calorie restrictive eating plans but persons occasionally abuse it. Obsessive dieters usually rely down the days to cheat day only to unleash an undespicable hunger, likely undo a complete 7 days worth of caloric deficit formerly reached.

Hypnosis will assist you framework your personal feelings to assist you development spiritually and materially. Hypnosis is a potent resource when made use of with innovative visualization to enable you create a new actuality that will have you development on the spirit path. This class will target on what you want, and hold you from concentrating on what they will not want.

Having talked of the distinct advantages of ionized water for all those on the autistic spectrum, we now look at the standard health and fitness benefits of alkaline water.

There are a great number of number of ineffective and hyped up diet regime designs out in the marketplace.But quinoa diet program is distinctive.Normally when you are on Diet,you are built to take in tasteless eating plan that can make you give up the diet plan plan faster.Not this 1.Contrary to other diet plan plans this one is delicious so that you enjoy your diet plan plan.Unknown to outsiders,this quinoa diet regime was employed by the south American men and women to their gain.Now this eating plan is no extra key and has arrive out in the open up to profit the whole entire world.Many pick out quinoa eating plan merely due to the fact it is made up of higher amount of money of protein.Men and women in athletics subject choose to use quinoa to complement their high protein requires.

Is cover supplied for prescription medicine? A good deal of programs will restrict the drugs that can be approved usually stating that listed generic medication rather than manufacturer name medication should be prescribed. You also have to seem incredibly meticulously at what proportion of any price you will have to satisfy for treatment.

Sensitive skin is a further common concern between Yorkies. Quite a few have allergies and will bite or scratch their pores and skin, which leads to damaging their skin. A Veterinarian can propose a variety of lotion relying on you might be Yorkies ailment.

The Goya Approach Of Weight Reduction

Weight Loss

Very low behavioral Health – very low actual physical health and fitness complexity/hazard, served in primary care with behavioral health treatment staff members on web site very small/low people today served by the principle care company, with the behavioral health and fitness care staff members serving people with marginally elevated health and fitness or behavioral wellness risk.

Blend new salsa (make sure it is not substantial in sugar or body fat-the best selection is house built!) with your option of lean meat (tuna, chicken, lean beef, turkey, pork) and wrap up in a whole wheat wrap, or even much better, make it a lettuce wrap! You can use typical tomato salsa or swap it up and use a mango or other fruit salsa.

Contain a superior source of plant protein with each meal or snack. Some proof suggests that protein allows maintain hunger at bay. But a Diet superior in animal protein is unhealthful so decide on plant meals that are rich in protein. These foods are minimal in saturated fats and they give anti-oxidants and other compounds that are essential for well being.

Regular training is vital although battling being overweight. Other than aiding in weight decline, training would also assistance in the general operating of the entire body.

Bodyweight decline and fatigue commonly go hand in hand. Age is also an crucial factor that is affiliated with fast and unexplained decline of bodyweight. The therapy could change according to the fundamental bring about of excess weight reduction. Only a medical doctor can find out the root bring about of the difficulty. He would ask you about other accompanying indicators and may well purchase some exams. Until then, a balanced diet program, normal exercising and sufficient rest can enable resolve the issue.

Below are some tips for girls in excess of fifty to get a leap start off on Weight Loss. It is extremely proposed to get a finish bodily from your physician in get to get your starting off stats (existing body weight, entire body measurements, and so forth.) as perfectly as building absolutely sure it is safe for you to begin a new feeding on and exercise routine regimen.

The estrogen hormone tells cells in the entire body to grow. Through our lives, estrogen has vital a crucial features these kinds of as orchestrating menstruation from the time we reach puberty by means of the time we arrive at menopause, trying to keep our bones potent, and maintaining minimal cholesterol amounts. Estrogen is designed in our ovaries and then sent as a result of our bloodstream, wherever it arrives in speak to with just about every mobile in our human body. Even so, only selected cells with estrogen receptors will reply to its presence.

There is so a great deal converse about junk food items. People today know that it is harmful and helps make men and women excess fat but what is the correct definition of junk food items. Properly Junk foods is an casual time period used to some foodstuff with very little or no dietary worth, or to items with nutritional price but which also have substances thought of harmful when on a regular basis eaten, or to these viewed as harmful to eat at all. The time period was coined by Michael Jacobson, director of the Centre for Science in the Public Desire, in 1972.

Methods Of Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia

Wild oat plant is the major supply of avena sativa. In accordance to lots of scientists, avena sativa will aid smokers to free them selves from the dependancy of nicotine. It is also used to deal with insomnia, and feelings of stress and nervousness in men and women.

Garcinia Cambogia Extract is a harmless and powerful complement extracted from all-organic fruit extracts of the Cambogia fruit – a tiny pumpkin shaped fruit identified as a tamarind from South Asia which has been about for a prolonged time. The Garcinia Cambogia extract includes hydrocytric acid with clinical reports displaying that it will help to regulate hunger and prevents fat generation. Complementing the nutritional supplement with an acceptable work out prepare will guarantee benefits to helpful fat reduction and assistance realize the ideal entire body shape.

Emotion of Nervousness: There have been stories of folks emotion anxious and nervous right after having hydroxycut. It is once again considered that caffeine could be the cause for this abnormal problem.

With this I will conclude my post on caffeine capsules for Weight Loss. But prior to I take your leave, I would like to give you a piece of information. Don’t forget, short cuts have by no means helped anyone. Choose the a bit prolonged lower of subsequent a nutritious and delighted life-style, a balanced diet program and frequent physical exercise. You are guaranteed to be productive. Feel about it!

Garcinia can be taken 3 occasions per working day, with each and every dose being taken 30 minutes prior to breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tablets are out there in a range of doses and strengths so be confident to read through the label to see just how significantly you are finding.

The actuality is that you dont have to prepare for an hour at a time to get Fitness added benefits. In point forty, thirty or even 20 minutes of meaningful physical exercise can be advantageous.

If fatty meals are your diet regime downfall, then glimpse for products that contain the seafood shell extract chitosan, which binds up dietary excess fat and eliminates it from your overall body in advance of you soak up it and store it as entire body unwanted fat.

The educational amenities nurture the globally pupils&rsquo nearby neighborhood offering them with a wealthy variety of ethnicities and backgrounds and inculcate values and beliefs which can make the pupils independent and morally and ethically sound which should to be the essence of the journey of exploring.

Obamacare excise tax showing up on receipts for sporting goods

(NaturalNews) The infamous Obamacare excise tax on medical devices that we covered back in December has officially come into effect as of January 1, and the fleecing has already affected some customers at a popular sporting goods chain. As reported by The Blaze, the 2.3 percent tax, which was only supposed to affect medical devices sold to hospitals and other healthcare entities, began to show up inexplicably on store receipts at a Cabela’s sporting goods store in Texas, catching some customers by surprise.

A screenshot of a Cabela’s store receipt that has widely circulated the internet in recent weeks shows purchases made for $279.67, with $26.69 of this total representing taxes. But further down on the receipt is a breakdown of this charge which shows $20.87 for “General Sales and Use,” and $5.82 for a “Medical Excise Tax.” Not only had the Obama administration previously indicated that medical devices sold at the retail level would be exempt from the tax, but Cabela’s does not even sell medical devices, which makes the appearance of anomalous charge highly confusing.

You can view an image of the receipt here:

Not long after this particular receipt made the digital rounds, several others also emerged, and Cabela’s eventually came forward to indicate that the charge, which allegedly showed up on receipts at numerous Cabela’s locations, was the result of “a computer glitch that has (since) been fixed.” But many are wondering how the tax itself, which was supposedly never intended to affect any retail purchases whatsoever, ended up being accidentally input into the Cabela’s computer system in the first place.

According to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the corporation responsible for collecting the new tax, it only applies to manufacturers and importers of medical devices, and not to consumers directly. But for some unknown reason, Cabela’s had integrated the tax into its point-of-sale system, and inadvertently begun to collect the unconstitutional tax from its customers. Some customers have reportedly been able to obtain a refund, but many others are likely unaware they were even charged.

“The 2.3 percent Medical Excise Tax that began on January 1st is supposed to be ‘hidden’ from the consumer, but it’s been brought to the public’s attention by hunting and fishing store Cabela’s who have refused to hide it and are showing it as a separate line item tax on their receipts,” explained one individual who was charged the tax in an email to

The error, in other words, draws public attention to the massive swindling that is the tax, and to a much larger extent Obamacare in general. By the year 2014, for instance, those with “non-qualifying” insurance plans will be coerced by the occupying federal regime to pay an additional income surtax. And those with existing health insurance plans that cost $27,500 or more annually per family will eventually have a whopping 40 percent excise tax tacked onto their monthly premiums.

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Tips To Lose Weight Quickly And Safely

Do you believe you are overweight or that you are not attractive because of your less-than-perfect body. Does losing weight intimidate you? Have you been down this road before, only to be defeated? Well, this article is for you. Keep reading to learn how to shed pounds and keep them off.

Always try and drink 8 full glasses of water each day as a means to help lose weight. Drinking plenty of water keeps you from quenching your thirst with unhealthy, sugary sodas. Sugary drinks can add huge numbers of calories to a diet; prevent this by drinking water instead.

There is a lot of strength in groups; if you want to lose weight, think about getting a weight-loss friend to assist you in staying on course. This allows you to gain more motivation at rough points during your program. When you have to answer to another person, you are much less likely to slack off on your diet and workout routine.

TIP! If you don’t know how to revise your habits, try hiring a pro. There are services in which professionals can provide individuals with grocery lists, weekly recipes or other regular guidance and advice.

By having a schedule of what you will eat and when, it will help you stick to your weight loss regimen. If you’ve already planned what you’ll be eating, it’s much less likely that you’ll give into temptation and chow down on some junk. Follow your meal plan closely. If you need to you can switch meals around, but never eat fast food instead of a healthy meal. Just making the meal can burn calories.

When you get home from the grocery store, stop right then to divide up your meals into portion-sized containers. Using containers and baggies can help you weigh and measure your portions out. When your food is properly portioned and measured out, it’s easier for you to eat the right sized meal and not over indulge.

Hypnotism is a weight loss method that works for some people. You may find that having the weight loss mindset offered by hypnosis makes it easier for you to lose weight and improve your lifestyle.

TIP! Watch the calories in your beverages when you are dieting. Everything that is not water has the possibility of derailing your hard work.

To lose weight without making a huge change to your lifestyle add exercises while you are doing something else. One way you can do this is to do a couple sit-ups or push-ups during a commercial break, or take a couple minutes out of your lunch break to walk the stairs in your office building. When you contract muscles then you are using up calories instead of storing fat.

Remove milk or anything in your diet made with milk and see if that results in any changes to your weight. Some people are lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy and are unaware that they have it. In many cases, people will experience an increase in weight or bloating without realizing that milk is the culprit.

Accelerate your weight loss by drinking green tea, which is known to speed up the metabolism. Add a touch of honey or other natural flavoring for a delightful and relaxing tea. Black tea can also be beneficial. Like its green tea sibling, black tea is helpful in removing toxins, is rich in antioxidants and can strengthen the immune system.

TIP! For successful weight loss, find a routine you like a keep doing it. That activity will help you burn calories, and then you have a greater caloric bank to deal with.

Weight Loss

Your weight loss plan needs to begin in the mind before the affects are seen on the body. To be successful at weight loss, you must have strong willpower and motivation. These will see you through your journey to becoming a thinner, healthier you!

Any effective weight loss program should include a fitness plan. Exercising for 30 minutes a day should be your goal. Joining a recreation center can help you exercise in different and fun ways, such as dancing, swimming or playing your favorite sports. This is also a way that you can become introduced to a lot of new people. Be sure to look for fitness buddies so that you can provide one another with mutual support in your fitness quest.

TIP! Aim to become friends with healthy and fit people. Use them to inspire and motivate you.

A good weight loss strategy to follow is to make use of smaller dishes. With larger dishes, you will tend to prepare larger portions without realizing it. Your meal should fit easily on a standard plate. If the plate is larger than this, it’s too big.

Slash calories. There are double the amount of calories in a gram of fat compared to a gram of protein or carbohydrate. Avoid foods high in fat and reduce your dairy intake. Watch out for overusing oils, too. Increasing dietary fiber will help you feel full and minimize overeating.

Switch to whipped butter. Some people are hesitant to replace butter with margarine or whipped butter. Some people prefer how real butter tastes. To lose weight thankfully you will not have to drop butter entirely from your diet. Use whipped butter instead. It contains half the number of calories.

TIP! The main thing that will stop your weight loss plan in its tracks is a loss of motivation. Motivation for working out and losing weight right upon signing up for a gym membership is easy, but once a couple of months pass, this motivation usually evaporates.

French Fries

There are few that will say they do not enjoy eating french fries. They can be a problem for anyone trying to lose weight. However, you can have your french fries and still not sabotage your diet by baking instead of frying. Start by slicing your potatoes into 1/2 inch long fries. Then, place them in a bowl with a tablespoon of oil and lightly dust them with salt, pepper, and rosemary to taste. Bake a single layer of the fries for 30 minutes at 400 degrees. Gently lift them so they don’t stick, flip them over and then continue baking for about 10 more minutes. They are great with ketchup, have less calories, and they are so delicious you might not miss the deep fried ones. These fries are a terrific addition to anyone’s recipe box.

Remember to have plenty of healthy snacks on hand to support your weight loss program. Get a big, lidded plastic container. Some of the snacks that you should invest in are carrots, berries and celery sticks. To keep vegetables crisp in the container, place ice in the bottom before adding your vegetables. That way you’ll always have a snack you can grab easily when on the go!

TIP! Replace the whole milk or half and half that you pour in your coffee every morning with lower-fat two-percent milk. If you already take your coffee with low-fat milk, try using skim milk instead.

Armed with this weight loss information, you can meet your goals! You have the power to change your life right now. Apply the tips you just read to reach your goal weight in no time!

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Gain More Muscle With This Muscle Development Advice

When building muscle, you may imagine several months of hard work in the gym. There is more to weight training than simply physical exercise. You must learn how bodybuilding is accomplished so that you may pick methods that will give you results quickly. These tips will help you learn how to build muscles.

You should maintain a cardio routine. It may seem as if cardio exercise doesn’t go along with muscle development, but they are vital to the health of the heart. Do three sessions of cardio exercises per week for around twenty minutes per session with a moderate amount of intensity. This will help ensure that your heart remains healthy without negatively impacting your efforts at building muscle.

Take Creatine as part of your supplement plan. This aids muscle development because it enables you to push yourself harder during your workouts. Check for interaction warnings if you use any other medications or supplements. Follow the instructions, and don’t take more that the recommended dosage.

TIP! Don’t work on enhancing the size of your muscles if you are taking part in a marathon or participating in extreme cardio workouts. Cardio is helpful to keep in shape, but a lot of it can slow down your efforts to improve muscle mass.

Use caution when it comes to how heavy you lift because certain exercises are not good for lifting heavy. Dips, neck work and split squats can involve unfavorable joint positions where you really risk serious injury. Lift heavy for other big exercises, such as presses, dead lifts, rows, and squats.

You have to watch your calories, if you’re going to build muscle. There are good and bad calories, so you must learn which are the healthiest foods for building muscle. At an extreme, a bad diet will lead to more fat instead of muscle.

Perform squats wisely. Lower that bar onto the point that is near your traps center. Your hips, glutes and hamstrings will have to work harder and this will allow you to squat more weight.

Before moving on to a different area of your body, take a few minutes to stretch out the muscles you were just exercising. It will decrease the time it takes the muscle to recover. While you may experience a little discomfort while attending to the stretches, they will pay dividends in the long term.

TIP! Your diet is especially important on your lifting days. It is always a good idea to increase calorie consumption approximately an hour before working out.

When trying to bulk up, use bench pressing, squatting and dead lifting. The effectiveness of these exercises at building up your muscles and improving your overall fitness is undeniable. You can include other exercises in your workout, but make these three your priority.

Prior to viewing this article, it is likely that you had the willpower to workout as hard as you can in order to achieve the muscle growth that you wanted. Now you have better information about building your muscles quickly and efficiently. Use the information here to aid you in reaching the muscle-building goals you have set for yourself. african mango diet scam

Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2013 Campaign

When thinking about femininity with a highly sophisticated allure, a label almost always comes to mind: Oscar de la Renta. The label was always committed to finding spectacular options to highlight a women’s natural elegance and charm and the label sticks well to the theme with the spring/summer 2013 campaign. Yes, we’ve managed to catch a glimpse of what the label has prepared for this year’s sunny days with the Oscar de la Renta spring 2013 collection, however, the newest campaign brings some additional lust-worthy options that weren’t as easily noticeable back then.

Caroline Brasch Nielsen and Liu Wen are the models which show off Oscar de la Renta’s hottest creations under Craig McDean’s perfect guidance. Though Karlie Kloss was great as the face of the label for the Oscar de la Renta spring/summer 2012 campaign, the change feels surprisingly refreshing. No detail is left to chance in the newest campaign from the perfectly defined hairstyles down to accessory choices. Gorgeous dresses were always the pieces that most attracted attention and mesmerized everyone and this is exactly the allure that is channeled into each and every design. To match the current style directions, the label combines romantic motifs with abstract details which enhance their appeal even more.

From the classy black and white tones to more vibrant tones, Oscar de la Renta isn’t afraid to play with proportions and doesn’t advocate solely focusing on body hugging designs. The new options certainly don’t need many additions in order to dazzle, however, sophisticated accessories shouldn’t be neglected by those who strive for maximum impact when it comes to their elegant looks. Sure enough, the new campaign brings some amazing statement makers into the mix.

Romantic fashionistas will instantly fall in love with the stunning necklaces, rings or earrings with amazing textural floral motifs. These are, hands down, the most impressive new alternatives brought by the Oscar de la Renta spring/summer 2013 campaign. Still, amazing modern clutches and spectacular perforated leather sandals are a close second when it comes to the potential of capturing everyone’s interest.

Photo courtesy of Oscar de la Renta

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Elie Saab Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

Fashion designers unveiled their latest couture creations last week in Paris and one of the names that showed off the unmatchable beauty of haute couture is Elie Saab. Elie Saab’s pre-fall 2013 line seems to take a noticeably different approach to fashion compared to the Elie Saab’s spring 2013 couture collection. The resort 2013 collection showed off a totally new side of Elie Saab, a more urban chic, daywear appropriate collection with a business chic vibe.

Now, urban doesn’t mean lacking glamor as this is Elie Saab’s trademark and Elie Saab’s pre-fall 2013 collection is surely packing that high-end elegance and refinement that helped push the label to international recognition. Simplicity is the path to style when it comes to the pre-fall 2013 season and this simplicity was brought by Elie Saab under the form of business-chic garments and cocktail perfect dresses constructed out of luxurious draping fabrics that looked exquisite.

The collection features classic cut trousers brought out of the boring zone with the help of a sexy see-through blouse and an impeccably tailored trench coat. The juxtaposition of masculine elements and ultra-feminine accents brought by the classic cut blazers paired with stylish above-the-knee cut flare dresses gave the collection a far-from-sombre vibe, a vintage vibe that felt inspiring. Wearable- Totally! So, we’ll definitely see a lot of these lovely 70s style suits, blazers and classic cut trousers combos in the upcoming season!

Considering the fact Elie Saab is portrayed as a fashion guru when it comes to dress designs, the Elie Saab pre-fall 2013 collection couldn’t have missed out on the element that makes women weak at the knees. Variety dominates the dresses and skirts displayed in the collection and the simplicity of the fabrics is balanced by the elegance of the cuts, making the designs perfect for any occasion. From designs shaped to the form of the feminine silhouette to elegant peplum dresses, tunic-inspired dresses and elegant floor-length gowns, the collection featured designs that went from cocktail ready to red-carpet diva. Plunging decolletages, stylish slits and mesh insertions gave the dresses a touch of sexiness capable of sparking addiction!

The lovely simple & monochromatic designs were displayed in achromatic tones and elegant teal, royal blue, bright red and blue-gray tones, shades that matched perfectly the style of the collection, so browse through the lovely display of simple yet elegant designs signed Elie Saab and identify the garments that have your style written all over!

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Patience And Determination Will Help You Improve Your Health Habits As You Age

With growing older well, there is no set plan for how to do it, but we have some helpful ideas that can help you ease into the growing older process with dignity and grace. You should aim to live in the best way that you possibly can. Many getting older issues depend on the way they are handled. This below article will provide some assistance for you.

Restoring your hormonal balance is an excellent aging tip. Both men and women have lower hormonal levels of different hormones as they age. Lower hormone levels can translate into more fatigue, loss of libido and less endurance. You should consider consulting a physician about starting a program of hormone replacement therapy.

Learning new things can help you keep your brain active. They say the older you get the wiser you become, so learning is essential as you age. Take a class at your community college or do some puzzles, they will keep your mind active.

In order to remain fit and strong, you must make time for physical activity as you get older. As people age they become more inactive, like giving up on playing sports and instead only watch them. This is why many people experience a loss of muscle and strength as they age. An easy way to assure you stay active is to plan regular outdoor activities, a walk, playtime with pets or grandchildren, or gardening.

TIP! Try to get a good amount of sleep each day. Most people need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night.

Take resveratrol. Caloric restriction diets have been shown to extend life and lower abnormal insulin levels. Resveratrol can be found in nuts and grapes and can also have an anti aging effect. Resveratrol is also found in the roots of Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica or Polygonum cuspidatum), which is often a resveratrol source in supplements. Another source is the root of the Senna quinquangulata plant, a shrub found in South America.

Older adults can sometimes have a lower sex-drive that affects their active sex life. Women, especially, should consult a medical professional if they lose interest in sex. A simple hormone treatment could restore your zest for life and sex.

Blood Pressure

It is a good idea to consume lots of anti-oxidants each day. Experts agree that getting enough antioxidants can prevent free radicals from causing problems. Even most schoolchildren today know about the antioxidant benefits of deeply colored fruits and vegetables, including carrots, squash, broccoli and berries.

TIP! Have lots of fun! It is this time in life that you are able to do the things you have always wanted. Think of new and interesting ways to enjoy life, and be sure to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, living life to the fullest.

Check your blood pressure often. There are many times no symptoms are present if you have high blood pressure, which is why it is often referred to as “the silent killer”. Monitoring your blood pressure becomes more important as you age, because your cardiovascular system deteriorates as you get older. If you know about high blood pressure early, you’ll have time to solve it.

Perhaps one of the most important elements in growing older gracefully is what you are consuming in your diet on a daily basis. An ideal diet should include grains, vegetables, fruits, proteins and healthy fats. Avoid processed foods since they don’t provide your body with the nutrients you need to help with aging.

Injection Therapy

Working out can keep you young. Research shows that people who exercise regulary do not age as quickly as those who do not have an exercise routine at all. Regular exercise has a number of benefits, from increased muscle tone and stamina to better circulation and healthier skin.

TIP! You will feel better about aging if you stop counting. Your age or your weight are numbers you should stop obsessing over.

Consider giving injection therapy a try. Injection therapy is considered to be an effective way to treat wrinkles. This process works by targeting the muscles that contribute to wrinkling. Also, these treatments tend to be safer than surgeries. You need to know that one treatment may not be enough, so be prepared to be patient!

Staying active helps a person to age gracefully. When you keep active and fit, your will feel and look younger. Conversely, if you don’t exercise or socialize, you will see a lot of negative effects on your body and your mind. Find an activity to enjoy each day.

You need to increase the antioxidant levels in your diet. There have been studies that have shown a strong relationship between antioxidants and longevity. Antioxidants are important because they help to remove harmful free radicals from your body. Live a healthier life by consuming a diet high in antioxidants.

To avoid wrinkles, stop frowning. As crazy as it make sound it’s really true. When you feel a frown coming, give yourself a pinch to remind yourself to smile instead. It may help you to break that bad frowning habit.

TIP! Don’t go to environmental extremes. The sun and the wind are two of the biggest factors that can ruin your skin without you sometimes even noticing it.

You actually need to exercise more as you get older. Even though you will not be doing things as easily as you may have when you were young, you are still able to do exercises that will increase your heart rate. One of the most overlooked exercises is walking. Swimming is a great exercise, if you like it try to do it. Stretching routines and calisthenics can be done in your own home. Take your grandchildren on a bicycle ride. If you make exercise fun, you’ll be more likely to do it.

Heart Disease

If you want to prevent heart disease, it is helpful to eat fish and reduce red meats in your diet. It has been shown that meat products can stick to the lining of the arteries, and this can contribute to you having heart disease, along with other health problems. Fish is full of healthy fats which are believed to slow down the clogging and help you to live a long, healthy life.

Make sure you protect yourself from all types of fraud. Elderly people are more likely to be targeted by fraudulent companies looking to make extra money. Protect your identity by shredding all sensitive documents before tossing them. Refuse to give out account numbers and bank information to those who call and ask for it. This may help protect you from fraud and identity theft.

TIP! You have to change your makeup color pattern when your hair color changes. Grey hair can give a washed out look to your complexion so you will need to alter your makeup palate.

Consume foods that are rich in fiber in order to control getting older. Fiber in your diet keeps toxins from accumulating in your digestive system. This helps slow digestion and helps lower bad cholesterol to keep your blood sugar stable during the day. In short, fiber keeps your stomach and other parts of your digestive system healthy so that they work as efficiently as possible.

As you age, it is even more important to keep up with your regular medical checkups. Check-up examinations can help your doctor catch underlying health concerns prior to them becoming a major problem in your life. Major illnesses, like cancer or heart disease, are more successfully treated if they are caught early. A routine checkup can give medical personnel a head-start on any issues.

Stay hydrated. Elderly people get dehydrated much easier, so it is imperative that you drink purified water equivalent to 8-10 glasses.

Men experience a small decrease in levels of testosterone, but calling this male menopause is a misnomer. Normally, low levels of testosterone indicate a problem other than simply age. Studies show indeterminate evidence of using testosterone hormone therapy for the treatment of men who have low levels, but can still be considered in the median range for men their age.

TIP! Stave off many of the afflictions of aging, such as loss of strength and energy, weight gain, memory loss and a variety of diseases by working fitness and healthy eating into your lifestyle. Eating a healthy diet and taking your vitamins, along with regular physical exercise, will have you in the best shape physically and mentally.

When you are growing older, hormone balance will be an important change in you life. When your hormones are unbalanced, you will suffer from insomnia and even weight gain. As you age, these can lead to further problems. Talk to a doctor to see the best ways to deal with your hormonal imbalance to help improve your later years.

Getting Older

How you make use of these tips and ideas is up to you. As you can see though, anyone can handle challenges in regards to getting older. This is up to you. You can take a proactive role in dealing with the trials of getting older, so that you can enjoy life more and age on your own terms.

Happiness is contagious, and you should spread it whenever possible. Making others smile will make you feel great. You can be altruistic without spending money and making others happy is a priceless gift.

TIP! Avocado oil is a great way to reduce aging effects. Avocado oil is easily absorbed into the skin deeply and it will make you look younger.

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Thousands rally around the country to support gun rights and freedoms

(NaturalNews) Scores of rallies held Jan. 20 around the country to demonstrate support for the Second Amendment and opposition to new gun control regulations proposed by President Obama and some Democrats in Congress drew thousands in a rare show of constitutional solidarity, reports said.

The “high noon” rallies, as they were called, sprang up following renewed debate over stricter gun control policies that are being pushed in the wake of the tragic murder of 20 young children and six adults at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., in mid-December.

“We are law-abiding citizens, business owners, military, and we are not going to be responsible for other people’s criminal actions,” former Marine Damon Locke said to applause at a Florida rally he helped organize, Reuters reported.

‘It’s about control’

Some attendees in the crowd of about 1,000 in Brooksville, located an hour north of Tampa, held signs saying, “Stop the Gun Grabbers,” and, “Gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control.”

The president has asked Congress to enact new legislation that would essentially reinstate a ban on military look-alike weapons, high capacity magazines over 10 rounds and other provisions. Several states have already begun debating new gun control legislation, though the state of New York broadened its existing ban on so-called “assault weapons.”

In addition to bans and ammunition limitations, Obama wants universal background checks for all guns purchased, including those bought at gun shows and from private individuals.

Rallies were held in all 50 states, the Washington Times reported.

At the statehouse in Connecticut, where state lawmakers have already taken up measures to tighten existing gun control laws, about 1,000 gun owners and supporters showed up to rally, few if any of them happy about new legislation many said still would not prevent future Sandy Hooks.

“They could take away the 10-round magazine today and tomorrow it would be the five-round and the next day it would be the whole thing,” gun owner Jessie Buchanan, who attended the rally in Hartford, told Reuters.

‘I’ve earned my Second Amendment rights’

In Denver, where 500-plus folks rallied, Don Dobyns, an Air Force veteran and former police officer from Colorado Springs, said, “I have earned the right to have my guns.”

“All I want is my Second Amendment rights. I’ve earned them,” he said. “Nobody that hasn’t even served has a right to take them away from us.”

Others said Obama’s 23 new executive orders aimed mostly at tightening up existing gun rules and signed in front of four children the White House said wrote to him asking for new gun control laws would do nothing to stop future massacres – which, despite being horrific, are extremely rare in a country where nearly 80 million households have firearms.

“The [executive] orders do nothing to make us safer,” said Robert Wareham, a Colorado attorney specializing in gun rights, the Times reported. “They placate special interest groups to keep them happy and motivated, but [they are] not going to do a single thing to keep us safer.”

The Times said the idea to stage the rallies reportedly came from Eric Reed, a Texas airline pilot, who said he wanted to send “a very, very strong message to Congress and to our president that we the people are against any more gun control.”


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Furla Spring/Summer 2013 Catalogue

If you’re a fashion addict and a real arm candy lover, you must have seen the latest Furla spring/summer 2013 catalogue! You haven’t- Okay, than you definitely should check it out as it is chock full with cool and chic goodies featuring some beautiful and alluring light effects. So, spice up your warm-weather season combos with a to-die-for handbag! Mini bags, satchels, briefcases, clutches, totes… You can find so many stylish and unique designs in the brand’s new collection.

It’s time to refresh your accessory drawer adding a new bag! And Furla is undoubtedly one of our top choices when it comes to statement-making pieces. For the upcoming sunny days the label presents an array of shapes and a versatile color palette. There are go-with-everything neutrals such as onyx-black, milk-white, marble-beige and gray, but also some show-stealing hues like ocean-blue and orange. You’ll also be pleased to discover some eye-catching color combinations!

The Light, in all its forms, is the main source of inspiration for the new Furla spring/summer 2013 campaign. Light has the special power to change and catch the essence of things but it also communicates emotions stunningly blending fashion and art. And what better way to reflect the attitude of the famous brand- In this mood, the light is revealed in its most hidden form, in shades of shadows that give the campaign an elegant, clean and delicate atmosphere. On the other hand, when the light meets the ocean and the nature, the shades become intense and thwarted, by developing the energy of colors in a luminous glow.

Lovely model Malene strikes a pose for Furla’s spring/summer 2013 catalogue lensed by the worldwide famous fashion photographer Giovanni Gastel, who through his lens was able to make tangible the complicity between Furla and all those women who identify themselves within contemporary and authentic values.

So, check out the brand’s offerings and welcome friendly temperatures in style! Don’t be afraid to create some drama waking up your ensembles with one of these eye-catchers! Regardless your sartorial taste or the event you need to attend, Furla always makes sure to meet everyone’s needs. And this collection makes no exception whatsoever! Take a peek!

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Not only obesity: Junk food causes osteoporosis

(NaturalNews) Everyone knows that foods high in fat or sugar are unhealthy in large quantities. Especially given the high rates of obesity in America, we are hearing more and more about the importance of healthy eating habits. It’s time to factor in another reason, however: a poor diet can lead to osteoporosis.

Ron Zernicke (dean of University of Michigan’s School of Kinesiology) and Cy Frank (executive director of the Alberta Bone and Joint Health Institution) have verified that sugar and fat intake plays a role in the development of conditions like osteoporosis through the weakening of bones, which is done in two ways. Diets high in sugar and saturated fats prevent calcium absorption, and saturated fats can form insoluble “soaps” that coat the intestines. Both of these effects on the body don’t allow the necessary quantity of calcium to keep bones strong.

Unfortunately, the problems don’t just lie with the sweets. Salt is just as much a culprit. Linda K. Massey, PhD, RD, and professor of human nutrition at Washington State University in Spokane, says that the heavy intake of salt in the typical American diet is a big reason why daily calcium requirements are so high. Sodium is a necessary part of the human diet, and 90 percent of our sodium is consumed via salt. However, table salt specifically causes calcium loss. In fact, 40 mg of calcium is lost through urine for every 2,300 mg of sodium (one tsp. of salt) consumed – and the average American takes in at least 4,000 mg daily.

Soda is an obvious source of sugar, but another osteoporosis-related problem comes from soda: caffeine. Massey says that 100 mg of caffeine is a loss of six milligrams of calcium. Coffee and soda are the prime sources of caffeine in the American diet, though tea is also caffeinated. Studies have shown, though, that tea does not harm, and it is suggested that tea can actually promote bone density in older women.

Zernicke and Frank have noted that osteoporosis due to poor diet will begin to affect baby boomers in large numbers if this lack-of-nutrition trend continues. Frank notes that one in three women will break a hip by age 85 from osteoporosis. More frightening still, he adds, is that about 20 percent of these women will die within a year of the injury.

Currently, about 12 million Americans have been diagnosed with osteoporosis at age 50, which is almost four percent of the country’s population. With the mass of Christmas cookies and heavy dinners we all encountered over the holidays, these findings give us some food for thought.

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
Ben enjoys writing about the benefits of green tea at, a revenue sharing site that publishes unique and interesting articles.

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Studies show pranayama would be an alternative therapy for plenty diseases

(NaturalNews) No doubt, if you frequent enough yoga classes, at one point or another you will be exposed to pranayama. This is a form of yoga related to the breath and is promoted widely as a form of meditation and relaxation. What you might not know is that it holds many more benefits for a wide range of conditions.

Pranayama exists in several forms, one method of which is Alternate Nostril Breathing. For those interested in learning this technique, also known as nadi shodhana, there are many excellent videos available online. Sometimes touted as a “beginner’s meditation,” it does take some practice to master. In the context of a yoga class, it is often used to equalize the left and right brain and promote deeper, more even breathing. Learning to control the breath provides benefits to the body that are both perceived, by the release of melatonin in the body, and physiological in nature.

Some of the major findings over the past four years have shown a very real statistical improvement in blood pressure. Diastolic blood pressure was unaffected, but the studies support the reduction of systolic blood pressure and therefore an overall blood pressure reduction. Other discoveries include lowered heart rate and a switching “off” of the stress response which is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system over to the parasympathetic nervous system. Hemoglobin and red blood cell counts also increased significantly after a short period of practicing these breathing techniques. Another study showed a connection with reduced rates of obesity, diabetes, and even some psychiatric disorders. There is also an association with improved breathing in those suffering from asthma.

Most of the physiotherapy studies have been conducted on Alternate Nostril Breathing and other forms of Pranayama in Nepal and India, places where meditation and yoga are traditionally practiced. Many of the studies were conducted using very small statistical samplings of 15-30 participants, although a few of the studies used up to 70. This is still a small sample size. The research varied widely in the length and scope of testing that was done. Various parameters were checked. Some performed blood work while others relied on blood pressure monitoring and heart rate monitoring. While this does not invalidate the results, more extensive testing might be able to convince the medical establishment that Alternate Nostril Breathing, other forms of pranayama, and yoga are all viable treatment choices and are preferable to immediately prescribing a prescription medication.

Sources for this article include

About the author:
Caryn Connolly is currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she has become passionate about protecting future generations from the ravages of GMOs. Through her new Facebook page GMO Information Clearinghouse (, she disseminates information from various sources, including the few major studies done on GMOs. You can also visit Integrated Healing Solutions on Facebook ( ) to find out more about what services Caryn is currently offering.

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Club Monaco Spring 2013 Lookbook

Needless to say that we are living in a world of all-things-trendy and in a market invaded by a zillion of voguish goods that guarantee to update our styling. So, picking the right pieces in order to add interest to our wardrobes becomes, for some of us, a real challenge. Still, there are a few brands out there delivering collections that mix fashion must-haves with timeless classics and therefore offering pieces worth every bit of investment. And one of these labels is Club Monaco. Their sartorial point of view is an urban-casual one, best defined as a sophisticated play of opposites: mixing vintage with new, hard with soft and eclectic with minimal.

Oh, but did you gorgeous dolls notice that this is that time of the year- Well, you know, that perfect period for us to start hunting for some wearable, affordable and fashionable clothes and accessories! What about you- Have you already begun your search- If you still don’t know what to add to your warm weather wardrobe, let us introduce you the new Club Monaco spring 2013 lookbook chock full with ultra-versatile pieces that will take you through the season in style.

Okay, so we took a sneak peek at the brand’s latest collection and got our eyes on a few alluring items. Our favs- Well, there’s, first of all, a contemporary Jackie knit skirt that features a bold color-blocked design. Then, we’re head over heels with those incredibly flirty short dresses! Ah, and let’s not forget to mention the iconic trench coat that Club Monaco updated with a sleek double-weave construction and a bold contrasting undercollar and the absolutely irresistible pea coat infused with heritage-inspired style that due to its classic double-breasted silhouette and contemporary zippered details becomes a modern wardrobe staple.

The renowned brand’s line also includes other essentials that every girl should have in her wardrobe. There are tees and shirts, sweaters and vests, pants, jackets and blazers, and a wide range of accessories to complete your outfits. Shoes, handbags, belts, scarves and sunglasses…Club Monaco takes care of all the details in your closet. Have a nosey and see it for yourself!

So, reinvent your styling this season and get ready to impress everyone with your combos! Whether you prefer eye-popping hues and prints or you’re the color-shy type of girl, there are plenty of options for you in the new Club Monaco spring 2013 collection.

Photo courtesy of Club Monaco

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Simple healing recipes for cleansing your liver and blood

(NaturalNews) After the heart and lungs, the liver is perhaps your most vital organ. When it shuts down, you die. Extreme liver conditions may result in the eventual need for dangerous liver transplants.

A sluggish liver can manifest a malaise of symptoms that lead to misdiagnoses for other chronic autoimmune diseases. This sluggishness can be prevented and also corrected through rejuvenating and cleansing your liver frequently.

The liver is responsible for purifying your blood and is involved with producing glutathione to recycle spent antioxidants. It helps convert sunlight to vitamin D3, and it’s involved with the manufacture of bile needed for removing nutrients from food particles in the small intestine.

Successful cancer treatments such as the Gerson Therapy and Dr. Donald Kelley’s pancreatic enzyme protocol, perfected and continued today by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, utilize coffee enemas to eliminate toxins from the liver.

This procedure was specifically inserted into those cancer treatments to eliminate dead cancer cells and toxic die off, but it’s also useful for eliminating accrued toxins from years of living in our toxic environment and/or consuming toxic foods and beverages.

Methods and recipes for purifying your liver and blood

Liver cleanse coffee enema: Unflavored organic high caffeine (lightly roasted) coffee is recommended. After the coffee cools to approximate body temperature, the enema is administered and held for up to 20 minutes while lying on your right side, then relieved with a bowel movement. Procedure explained here (

Burdock tea: Burdock tea is easy to make and inexpensive. It’s the go-to blood purifier in Ayurvedic medicine (

Chlorella and other green super-foods: Chlorella is a favorite, but some also swear by spirulina, wheat grass, and other green super foods. Chlorella purifies the liver and the blood, serves as a prebiotic to nurture probiotic bacteria, and promotes bile production (

Cilantro (organic): Cilantro (coriander) can be chopped and added to foods, used with other ingredients for making soups, mixed with green smoothies, or used with carrots and other items for juicing (

It has been clinically proven to remove toxic mercury and other heavy metals from our blood. The combination of chlorella and cilantro creates a super detox recipe.

Lemon/lime water: Adopting a ritual of drinking purified or spring warm water with a substantial squeeze of lemon or lime first thing in the morning is a time honored method of stimulating and cleansing the liver. Hold the sugar or any other sweetener though.

Zeolite: This usually has to be ordered online. Beware of network marketing traps, unless you want to be involved in that sort of scheme. Usually those MLM products are higher priced.

Zeolite liquids contain suspended volcanic materials that adsorb (not absorb) heavy metals. Adsorption is a form of chelation, which means toxic particles are electronically bonded or grabbed, neutralized, and escorted out of your body.

Betonite clays: There are internal and external versions that act very similarly to zeolite. Some prefer soaking in a tub of betonite water. But there are betonite clays that can be consumed in solutions with water also.

Western Herbs: Dandelion and milk thistle are two herbs common in the Western world for purifying and strengthening the liver. Dandelion is usually considered more of a cleanser, while milk thistle is commonly recognized as a tonic strengthener.

Some herbal products can be blended together to get maximum benefits. The tinctures are pricey, but you can make your own tinctures to save money and have constant refills indefinitely (

Traditional Eastern Herbs: There are many. If you are receiving acupuncture, you may have some prescribed to you. Ayurvedic liver formulas are available online and in good health food stores.

Homeopathic remedies: They are plentiful. But you should consult an experienced homeopathic practitioner for those.

Sources for this article include:

Mike’s chlorella ebook

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Six amazing foods for cleansing your colon naturally

(NaturalNews) Gastrointestinal problems are prolific in today’s society, and this is largely due to the fact that the modern food supply is greatly lacking in the nutrients required for healthy digestion (not to mention a widespread overload of toxins from vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and pesticides). But the good news is that a life of chronic digestive upset does not have to rule the day, as simple dietary changes can help significantly improve and even cure many colonic problems. Here are six top foods to help you maintain a healthy gut:

1) Apples, apple cider vinegar. Many advanced colon-cleansing protocols include either whole apples, apple sauce, apple juice, or apple cider vinegar (ACV) because this simple fruit is a powerful cleansing food. High in fiber, a nutrient that is already widely known to promote healthy digestion, apples are also rich in pectin, a carbohydrate compound that acts as a thickening agent inside the gut. When taken in therapeutic doses, pectin can help root out built-up toxins in the colon and strengthen the intestinal lining.

Dr. Ed Group’s “6-Day Advanced Oxygen Colon Cleanse,” for instance, involves taking several tablespoons of ACV as part of the cleansing protocol ( And Dr. James Balch, M.D., in his book Prescription for Natural Healing explains how pectin, which is also found in bananas and in the rinds of citrus fruits, helps remove heavy metals and other toxins from the body (

2) Avocados. For everyday colon cleansing, avocados are another great option for detoxification and digestion. Like apples, avocados are rich in fiber, and include both soluble and insoluble varieties at a ratio of about one to three, which is quite unique. And as it turns out, insoluble fiber is the type that promotes healthy bowel movements and cleanses the colon, effectively reducing one’s overall risk of developing colon cancer.

Also important is the avocado’s soluble fiber content, which is important for absorbing water and binding with other digested substances to help them easily move through the digestive tract. This mechanistic “gelling” effect also helps maintain bowel regularity in its own unique way, and prevents the toxic buildups that can lead to irregularity and constipation.

3) Flax and chia seeds. Unique in their nutritional profiles, both flax and chia seeds possess fats and fiber that help promote healthy digestion and a clean colon. Both are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, for instance, which have been shown to stabilize cell walls and reduce inflammation. Flax and chia also contain their own unique blends of soluble fiber, which bind with food to optimize the digestive process.

“You want things in your diet that are multi-functional in that they have micronutrients in them like vitamins and minerals, and also help with digestion and fiber,” says Sheah L. Rarback, M.S., director of nutrition at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine in Florida. “Omega-3s are an added benefit. Omega-3s are anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is probably the cause of most of our problems and chronic conditions.”

4) Chlorophyll-rich greens. Green fruits and vegetables that are rich in chlorophyll tend to promote healthy digestion and daily colon cleansing as well. Spinach, green olives, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, celery, collard greens, sea vegetables, leeks, peas, and Swiss chard are all high in chlorophyll, which means they can help cleanse your digestive tract and detoxify your liver. Supplementing with liquid chlorophyll is another option for boosting intake of this important nutrient for maximum colon health.

“Fat-soluble chlorophyll adheres to the lining of the intestinal wall and retards bacterial growth, removes putrifactive bacteria from the colon, and helps heal the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract,” explains the book The Enzyme Cure: How Plant Enzymes Can Help You Relieve 36 Health Problems (

5) Clean water with sea salt. A hydrated colon is a healthy colon. Perpetual dehydration can lead to constipation and toxic buildup, which is why it is important to drink plenty of clean, fluoride-free water every day. Some experts recommend drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water every single day for maximum hydration and cleansing. You can also add some sea salt to your water to help further promote detoxification.

6) Fermented foods. The human digestive system is composed of a vast network of beneficial microbiota that are responsible for digesting food, absorbing nutrients, thwarting harmful bacteria, and eliminating toxins. When these bacteria get thrown out of balance, however, digestive health can suffer — and the longer this bacterial balance is out of whack, the more severe the damage that can ensue.

In order to help offset the damage to your gut flora caused by environmental and food chemicals, antibiotic drugs, processed foods, and other factors, it is important to supplement with probiotic bacteria and eat plenty of fermented, probiotic-rich foods. These include cultured vegetables like kimchi, and fermented beverages like kombucha tea and kefir.

Sources for this article include:

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Scientists reveal how calorie restriction prevents chronic diseases and extends lifespan

(NaturalNews) Since the mid-1930s, scientists have theorized that lowering caloric intake may lower the risk of many potentially deadly diseases such as cardiovascular disease, dementia, stroke, and cancer. Studies performed on virtually every animal and mammal species have demonstrated that dietary restriction extends lifespan by 20 to 50 percent while dramatically lowering the risk for developing most illnesses associated with aging. Over the past decade, researchers have begun to test calorie restriction principles on one of the longest living mammalian species, human beings.

Scientists from the Gladstone Institutes in California have identified a novel mechanism by which a type of low-carb, low-calorie diet, commonly referred to as a “ketogenic diet,” could delay the effects of aging. Publishing in the journal, Science, researchers reveal how such a diet could slow the aging process and may one day allow practitioners to better treat or prevent age-related diseases, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and many forms of cancer.

As the baby boomer set continues to age, suddenly one in six Americans are over the age of 65 and many are at significant risk for chronic disease and early mortality. This has prompted researchers to advance their work to determine how calorie restriction works at the cellular level and if it may help prevent unnecessary illness and extend lifespan in this rapidly expanding age group. To this end, scientists have identified the role that a chemical compound in the human body plays in the aging process, and which may provide the key to new therapies for treating or preventing a variety of age-related diseases.

Researchers identified the compound Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BOHB), a so-called “ketone body” that is produced during a prolonged low-calorie or ketogenic diet. Although ketones are considered toxic in high concentrations in people with diabetes, lower concentrations help protect cells from “oxidative stress” that is known to occur as certain molecules build to toxic levels in the body and contribute to the aging process.

The lead study author, Dr. Eric Verdin commented “Here, we find that BOHB — the body’s major source of energy during exercise or fasting — blocks a class of enzymes that would otherwise promote oxidative stress, thus protecting cells from aging.” A growing number of people now follow a diet known as ‘calorie restriction with optimal nutrition’ (CRON), where calories are cut by 20 to 30 percent in an attempt to minimize energy intake and ensure all nutritional needs are met.

Although it will be years before CRON can be scientifically validated to extend human lifespan, individuals following a ketogenic diet experience significantly lower blood pressure, heart rate and glucose levels and likely will be among the first to live beyond the current milestone of 120 years. Dr. Verdin concluded “Identifying sOHB as a link between caloric restriction and protection from oxidative stress opens up a variety of new avenues to researchers for combating disease.” Try slowly eliminating 10 to 20 percent of your daily calorie intake to take advantage of this newly identified metabolic pathway to dramatically lower chronic disease risk.

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
John Phillip is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Health Researcher and Author who writes regularly on the cutting edge use of diet, lifestyle modifications and targeted supplementation to enhance and improve the quality and length of life. John is the author of ‘Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan’, a comprehensive EBook explaining how to use Diet, Exercise, Mind and Targeted Supplementation to achieve your weight loss goal. Visit My Optimal Health Resource to continue reading the latest health news updates, and to download your Free 48 page copy of ‘Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan’.

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Was Piers Morgan serious about criminal hacking and fraudulent journalism-

(NaturalNews) For CNN‘s Piers Morgan, trouble just seems to be a calling. But then again, it’s not as if the cheeky British isn’t responsible for much of his own grief.

Throughout his career Morgan seems to have been involved in a litany of ethically questionable issues, but the latest involves charges stemming from his time as editor of Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, from 1995-2004. Reuters reported in late December that during this time the paper may have engaged in phone hacking.

According to reports, several British papers that belong to the Trinity Mirror publishing group now face charges of phone hacking from four people, including former England football coach Sven Goran Eriksson.

If journalistic ethics have been breached, look around for Piers Morgan

Indeed, only one other media company has been sued for illegally hacking voicemail messages – that was News Group Newspapers, publishers of the now-shuttered News of the World newspaper, part of News International – the British division of media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation empire (and, perhaps not so coincidentally, a paper that was edited by none other than Piers Morgan from 1995-96).

These latest allegations accuse Mirror group journalists of hacking and listening to the phone messages of Eriksson, Abbie Gibson (former nanny for the family of British soccer star David Beckham), former English footballer Garry Flitcroft and actress Shobna Gulati.

According to court documents the claims allege “breach of confidence and misuse of private information” that relates to the “interception and/or misuse of mobile phone voicemail messages and/or the interception of telephone account.”

The Financial Times reported that no specifics regarding the claims have been filed.

Earlier allegations of hacking have been aimed at other Mirror publications, but publishers of the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror, and People have always vehemently denied wrongdoing.

Mark Lewis, the attorney for the plaintiffs, said “There might not be a documentary smoking gun, but we will show there is a smoking bullet, the consequence of the actions.”

Morgan, of course, has consistently denied that he ever authorized the phone hacking during his time as editor.

Fired for faking soldier abuse photos

This isn’t the first time Morgan, who loves to sensationalize and embellish, has been at the center of a journalistic ethics controversy. He was sacked from his position as editor of the Daily Mirror in 2004 for faking pictures of British soldiers in Iraq allegedly abusing a prisoner – photos that British Ministry of Defense officials said needlessly endangered the lives of British troops deployed at the time.

According to reports, the paper issued a statement saying it had been the victim of Morgan’s “calculated and malicious hoax,” and that the Queen’s Lancashire Regiment – the unit singled out by the Daily Mirror – had been “vindicated” by Morgan’s dismissal.

“It is just a great pity it has taken so long… and that so much damage has been done in the meantime,” said a spokesman for the unit, Roger Goodman.

Added deputy leader and foreign affairs spokesman, Michael Ancram, “The photos that were published in the Daily Mirror have done great damage to the reputation of our troops, who are serving under some of the most difficult conditions in Iraq.”

The BBC said the photos, which were published by the tabloid paper May 1, 2004, “appeared to show British troops torturing an Iraqi detainee.”

“In one picture a soldier is seen urinating on a hooded man while in another the hooded man is being hit with a rifle in the groin,” the BBC said.

The report noted that Morgan was ever-defiant and unrepentant to the end.

“According to one report Mr. Morgan refused the demand to apologize, was sacked and immediately escorted from the building,” the BBC‘s Nicholas Witchell.

History of journalistic abuses

Here are some additional lowlights in Morgan’s scandalous career:

– Just after taking the Daily Mirror job, he caused widespread outrage with his headline “Achtung Surrender!” the day before England’s Euro 96 clash with Germany;

– Claimed publicly in 2002 that then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife, Cherie, was trying to get him fired;

– Published private letters between the late Princess Diana of Wales and James Hewitt, with whom she was having an affair while still married to Prince Charles;

– Published a photo of Victoria Spencer, the former wife of Earl Spencer – Princess Di’s brother – in a detox clinic, against an established editor’s code of conduct.

Morgan’s latest gaffe came as host of his own CNN program, in which he berated Gun Owners of America head Larry Pratt, calling him an “unbelievably stupid man” for backing armed guards at public schools in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, and for acting as a subversive foreign agent in calling for a repeal of the Second Amendment.

Clearly, Piers Morgan is a hack with little regard for journalistic integrity, which makes us wonder how and why CNN would stake its reputation on him.


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Hand Signals for the Blind

(NaturalNews) I wrote the following article almost 40 years ago in my third year of medical school. It was published in The Tupper Times, Dalhousie Medical School, December 1976. I think the only reason I wasn’t kicked out of med school was because nobody was around for the Christmas holidays when it was published!

What I said then is still included in what I say now. But nothing has changed for the better in our health care system; it’s actually gotten worse.

Are there any solutions-

Knowing that we are being left to our own devices in terms of health care more than ever before; knowing that the Obama health care system will befall us and we will be forced to pay even more for drugs and surgery that we don’t want; knowing all that and having watched allopathic medicine devolve over the past four decades, my first solution was to create an online wellness program called Future Health Now! However, most people don’t want to, or don’t have the energy, or don’t have the time to make lifestyle changes. The ones that do follow my program experience tremendous benefits.

For those who want more, I began working with iON and creating RnA Drops and ReMag and encouraging people to “take your own power” in a way that affects their physical, non-physical and the labyrinth of their mind. The results of those endeavors have been astounding. You can follow me on RnA Drops and How iONic and RnA Radio.

Before you research my future solutions to the health care crisis for 2013 and beyond, take a nostalgic trip with me to the past and read what I said to my fellow medical classmates in 1976.


We are fast approaching the age of Defensive Medicine. In the United States especially, a Medical student learns this art along with his medicine. This basic mistrust in the doctor-patient relationship came when the intimacy in medicine slipped away and the drugs and technology took hold; when obliteration of symptoms became the goal; when people no longer were given any place in helping to cure themselves and medical knowledge became a guarded fort; and when death became the enemy.

All these things merit careful consideration and thought by medical students because in the near future the public is going to demand from doctors a much more emancipated view toward medicine in which there is an availability of alternative treatments. In the recent past we have seen several therapies go through the stages of faddism in the lay press: acupuncture, herbal medicine, health foods, orthomolecular medicine (megavitamin therapy), and foot reflexology to name a few. Unfortunately these methods, some of which have been used successfully for hundreds of years, are touted as The Answer, The Wonder Cure, which designation immediately polarizes people.

Then the next stage of critical observation reveals that it is indeed not 100% effective in particular areas for which it is prescribed and the balloon bursts and the furor dies down. Over and over the point is missed. The point being that some people are benefited by these treatments, therefore to them it is 100% effective.

This is where fitting the treatment to the individual, not fitting the individual to the treatment, comes in. Presumably, the reason why orthomolecular medicine is rejected by psychiatrists is that it has proved no more effective than presently used drugs. To me, “no more effective” implies, again, the search for The Drug, The Cure, and also implies that orthomolecular medicine does have some effect. So, why not give it a trial in likely patients, especially since modern psychiatric drugs used chronically (are they used any other way-) cause a high incidence of dangerous irreversible side effects, as well as untold minor side effects.

We are forever being told we must weigh the balance of the side effects of all drugs against their potential benefits, but when you read of the minimal side effects of megavitamins, you, too, might question why they are not being accepted.

Those who can point to studies which do not prove that megavitamin therapy is useful in the treatment of schizophrenia invariably select studies where only one particular vitamin is tested. But the basis of orthomolecular therapy is the combined use of many different vitamins, notably niacinamide, B6, vitamin C, as well as minerals.

One of the main rebuttals I get against the use of vitamins is that if they are so good, why aren’t more doctors using them- This would seem to be a naive view of the actual political realities of our lives.

If one takes a good look at the chaos surrounding us, one should more accurately assume that “the worst,” not “the best,” takes precedence. Here I am particularly referring to the controlling force of the pharmaceutical companies who get fat off our sickness. Of course, these companies could also sell vitamins but the competition is too great. It is much better to have a patent like La Roche’s Valium and Librium which earns them billions per year.

These companies also spend a couple thousand dollars per doctor per year to set the trends in medical drug therapy. And don’t kid yourselves that they don’t. After all, who funds most of the research in drug therapy- You guessed it. So, here we have a huge industry telling doctors what to prescribe; encouraging the public to think that there is a pill for everything and, low and behold, over the doctor’s desk, the magic clicks, the prescription exchanges hands. The choreography is perfect, each doctor at the end of puppet strings.

Then the doctor is judged by these very drugs so he must defend them, and the patient, who, according to biological laws, has a great chance of not responding to a particular drug, demands another drug, consequently searching for the perfect one.

The pharmaceutical companies are also seeking the perfect drug. But there is no perfect drug.

And the longer people search for one, the more iatrogenicies will arise from drug interactions and less and less proper testing of drugs. Just observe the clamor for swine flu vaccinations. And “so what” if 42 people drop dead after receiving them. The only justification people can seem to come up with is “oh, they were old” or “they would have died of the flu anyway.”

Or the appalling fact that in a 3-week hospital admission, a patient will receive an average of 13 different drugs; the side effects of which would probably fill a book and the interactions cannot even be computed. What on earth makes us think some foreign chemical will solve all our problems anyway- Of course, antibiotics are extremely important but hark back to a certain introductory lecture on antibiotics which states that the bacteria are halted by antibiotics but eventually the host immune system does the final clearing up. My simple question is: why keep tipping the scales on one side- Why not balance them by improving the host’s defenses along with the giving of antibiotics- There are many studies showing that vitamin A and vitamin C especially boost immune response.

With the advent of sulfa drugs and penicillin, I suppose one can understand and sympathize with those who thought patients could be cured by killing off the germs causing disease. These successes unfortunately led to the race for drugs for everything. It will take a long while for that thinking to change; to tackle the complexities of subclinical deficiency states; to understand the use of vitamin C in neutralizing toxins; vitamin E in improving tissue oxygenation; bioflavins in treating capillary fragility; B6 and magnesium in treating kidney stones; tryptophan in treating depression; and niacinamide in lowering cholesterol. I could go on and on mentioning a multitude of breakthrough studies which to me indicate possible hope in the future of alternative forms of therapy without the horrendous side effects which are so widely accepted because people think that there are no alternatives.

It is no secret that we learn next to nothing about nutrition in medical school. And since we go through mountains of information in our education, I think we tend to assume that we have hit on everything that is important; so nutrition can’t be important or we would have had it. Right- However, it is because we grow up in this society learning about drugs and medications, not about nutrition. We are pounded by ads from all corners that make us very sensitive to any ache or pain we have and lure us into a pit of Faust.

We, in effect, give up our bodies to the drug industry. We are beguiled into believing we can live in excess – excess of alcohol, food, junk food, stress, cigarettes. They all exact their toll on the body. But we are led to believe the doctor will fix us up whenever our bodies begin to collapse around us. And doctors do nothing to dispel this myth, so the expectation in patients turns to inevitable disenchantment when he/she isn’t quickly cured.

Within the first month of medical school it was made quite obvious in lectures that our duty as doctors is to make people more comfortable in their illness. So where and when did this notion arise- I can’t state dogmatically why but I can suggest how it is perpetuated.

First of all, there is almost no push by doctors for education of the public in simple health matters. The reason presumably being: “How on earth can a doctor give out advice to his patients when he sees 30 or 40 each day-” I put this remark in quotation marks because, in one form or another, I hear it regularly in lectures and in the hospital.

To me, the idea of trying to effectively treat so many people in so short a time is appalling. First of all, it is impossible to do so. It is an excuse for too frequent referrals and too frequent revisits and serves to completely depersonalize the doctor-patient relationship and does not allow for patient education.

I get many arguments when I suggest 45-minute sessions for each patient. Those who don’t want to betray their materialistic motives argue that the patient load is so great that you must see that many patients. But if you don’t make appointments for 40 people, you are not likely to have to see 40! And the extra time spent with the patient can help to identify social, dietary and environmental factors which can be circumvented to prevent frequent visits and frequent repeat prescriptions.

Also, what makes doctors think that their time is so valuable and their patient’s time so invaluable that they can with a clear conscience keep people waiting for hours before they are seen-

Of course, as long as doctors get rewarded for keeping people sick and dependent on them, things are not likely to change. How about the much more civilized approach of the Chinese whose doctors are paid only while their patients are well and they don’t get paid when they are ill. Similar clinics are being set up in California, and this is one fad I would like to see spread. Then, and only then, will doctors take more interest in achieving optimum health for the individual.

Here the emphasis is on the individual. Just as no two people look alike, no two enzyme profiles are alike, and common sense would eventually lead one to believe that, therefore, the vitamin or coenzyme requirements would differ from person to person. How is it possible then that minimum daily requirements can be standardized, especially since the dosage recommended is based on the amount required to prevent clinical symptoms of deficiency- To me, this is quite the opposite way to look at vitamin requirements.

One should instead try to determine the amount which produces optimum health. Besides for optimum health, vitamins are more and more coming to the fore in the treatment and prevention of a multitude of diseases. Take, for example, a recent study in Japan which observed the effects of vitamin C on post-transfusion hepatitis. Of 1,245 persons who had received blood transfusions after chest surgery, seven percent of those who received little or no vitamin C came down with hepatitis. But none of the patients who received 2,000 milligrams or more per day of vitamin C got hepatitis. And since the group receiving vitamin C was seven times larger than the group which got no vitamin C, the protective effect of the vitamin was obvious. As a result of that study, all surgical and intensive-care patients in this Japanese hospital now receive 6 to 10 grams of vitamin C each day (Modern Medicine, July 1, 1976.)

I invariably get the retort from doctors and my peers that when they see studies on the benefits of vitamins, they will believe them. Well, Dr. Wilfred E. Shute, a famed Canadian physician, has been working since 1936 on the use of vitamin E in heart disease, and in a recent article he stated that since his original article in 1936, the beneficial results he achieved with vitamin E on heart disease have been duplicated no less than 150 times and published in scientific journals.

The same can be said for many of the other vitamins. If one cares to look, the studies are available. And this well-worn excuse will have to be discarded, or, more probably, replaced by another. But please don’t use the feeble attempt of a Digby doctor who told an elderly patient that, “No, you do not need any vitamin supplements, they are O.K. for young people, but older people don’t need them.”-
What is interesting though is to hear from the owners of the health food stores in Halifax of the many doctors and their families who keep well stocked on their health foods. But when asked if they also recommend this regime to their patients, they quote the “lack of sufficient studies” excuse.
-It would appear rats are getting a better deal than humans. Under a Cruelty to Laboratory Animals Law, rats are not permitted to be fed junk foods in experiments to determine effects of different diets on their systems. But these deadly foods are highly esteemed in our society as a reward to both children and adults. What a paradox!

In effect, the practical solution is allowing alternative models to function in the existing medical superstructure. But this suggestion will most likely be considered, like the one-eyed king in the land of the blind, as wildly hallucinating. Meanwhile, today the medical bureaucrat seizes up on the controls as the horizon of medicinal options widens.**

*The title was provided by my husband, Bob, from a play he had written that year.
**This last paragraph was written by Bob.

About the author:
About the author:
Dr. Carolyn Dean is The Doctor of the Future. She is a medical doctor and naturopathic doctor in the forefront of the natural medicine revolution since 1979.

She has two published patents on novel health products such as RnA Drops and more in the pipeline.

Dr. Dean is the author/coauthor of over 30 health books (print and eBooks) including The Magnesium Miracle, Death by Modern Medicine, IBS for Dummies, IBS Cookbook for Dummies, The Yeast Connection and Women’s Health, Future Health Now Encyclopedia, Death by Modern Medicine, Everything Alzheimers, and Hormone Balance.

She is on the Medical Advisory Board of the non-profit educational site – Nutritional Magnesium Association ( Dr. Dean has a free online newsletter and a valuable online 2-year wellness program called Future Health Now! She also runs a busy telephone consulting practice. Find out more at,, and

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Helpful Health And Fitness Tips

While staying fit is something that some individuals find easy to do, others need a lot of planning and assistance to achieve this goal. The advice offered in this article is designed to help anyone achieve better fitness, no matter where they are starting from.

Coordinate all the workout clothes you buy. This will make dressing for morning runs effortless. You will not even have to turn on the light. When you have a hamper full of dirty clothes, they can all be washed together at one time in a single load.

Friends can be a great help if you find yourself struggling to adhere to a fitness plan. It’s easier to focus on your goals and maintain your motivation when you workout with a friend. Having an exercise partner can foster a beneficial sense of competition which may cause you to work even harder than you normally would.

If you have an injured limb, exercise the rest of your body as much as you can to avoid getting out of shape. Doing this will help to maintain your strength, and it will also stimulate some muscles and nerves in your injured limb so that you do not have a lot of muscle loss.

TIP! If you are a bit older, or not as mobile as other people then go ahead and make your own garden. Many people are shocked that working a garden requires a lot of hard work.

When climbing a hill, direct your eyes toward the top of the hill and keep your head raised. This will make running easier since your airways are opened allowing to breath easily as opposed to when you are facing the ground.

A gym is great, but you should certainly invest in a piece of good exercise equipment. It will help you stay committed to your fitness routine, and it ups the convenience factor greatly. It is best to check out many retailers to find a great deal and get a great price. You should also ensure that the piece you acquire is of the highest quality so it can last you a good long time.

Think about what you want to accomplish by starting your weight-lifting regimen. When looking to add muscle mass, start lifting heavier weights to add extra intensity. For sculpted arms, perform higher repetitions with lighter weights; this promotes toning.

Whenever you have the opportunity, you should do your exercise outside. For example, you could go for a hike or run, or play tennis. This will enable you to get your exercise while enjoying the beauty of nature. Exposure to fresh air and sunlight can help clear your mind and reduce your stress levels.

TIP! One way to guarantee that you will follow through with your training goals for a specific period is to pay your trainer for the full cost of all your planned workouts in advance. If you take this route, you are far more likely to attend your sessions because not doing so will cost you money.

Regardless of how much you have exercised in the past, the information found here can help you get to where you want to be. Take the time to study each tip and see if you can incorporate it into your workout routine. Make the time for fitness, and you will benefit from it for many years to come.

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The mind-numbing television anchor and his role inside the Matrix

(NaturalNews) Most of America can’t imagine the evening news could look and sound any other way.

That’s how solid the long-term brainwashing is. The elite anchors, from Douglas Edwards and John Daly, in the early days of television, all the way to Brian Williams and Scott Pelley, have set the style. They define the genre.

The elite anchor is not a person filled with passion or curiosity. Therefore, the audience doesn’t have to be passionate or filled with curiosity, either.

The anchor is not a demanding voice on the air; therefore, the audience doesn’t have to be demanding, either.

The anchor isn’t hell-bent on uncovering the truth. For this he substitutes a false dignity. Therefore, the audience can surrender its need to wrestle with the truth and replace that with a false dignity of its own.

The anchor takes propriety to an extreme: it’s unmannerly to look below the surface of things. Therefore, the audience adopts those manners.

The anchor inserts an actor’s style into what should instead be a relentless reporter’s forward motion. Therefore, the audience can remain content in its own related role: watching the actor.

The anchor taps into, and mimics, that part of the audience’s psyche that wants smooth delivery of superficial cause and effect.

Night after night, the anchor, working from a long tradition of other anchors, confirms that he is delivering the news as it should be delivered, in both style and substance. The audience bows before the tradition and before him.

The television anchors are, indeed, a different breed.

From their perch, anchors can deign to allow a trickle of sympathy here, a slice of compassion there.

But they let the audience know that objectivity is their central mission. “We have to get the story right.” “You can rely on us for that.”

This is the great PR arch of national network news. “These facts are what’s really happening and we’re giving them to you.” The networks spend untold millions to convey that false assurance.

The elite anchor must believe the basic parameters and boundaries and context of a story are all there is. There is no deeper meaning. There is no abyss waiting to swallow whole a story and reveal it as a cardboard facade. No. Never.

With this conviction in tow, the anchor can fiddle and diddle with details.

Then he can move on to the task of being the narrative voice of his time, for all people everywhere. The voice that replaces what is going on in the heads of his audience—all those doubts and confusions and objections in the heads of the great unwashed. The anchor will replace those and substitute his own plot line.

Some children are born with a narrative voice. Everything they say, from an early age, has the ring of authority and sounds like the news. It’s built in, as if it’s coming through a microphone. I went to school with a boy like that. He appealed to the gullible, because when they heard him speak they associated the tone and the seamless rhythms with truth.

The network anchor is the wizard of Is. He keeps explaining what is. “Here’s something that is, and then over here we have something else that is, and now, just in, a new thing that is.” He lays down miles of “is-concrete” to pave over deeper, uncomfortable, unimaginable truth.

The anchor is quite satisfied to obtain all his information from “reputable sources.” This mainly means government and corporate spokespeople. Not a problem. Every other source, for the anchor, is murky and unreliable. He doesn’t have to worry his pretty little head about whether his sources are, indeed, trustworthy. He calculates it this way: if government and corporations are releasing information, that fact alone means there is news to report. What the FBI director has to say is news whether it’s true or false, because he said it. So why not blur over the mile-wide distinction between “he spoke the truth” and “he spoke”-

Therefore, as night follows the day, the anchor is a mouthpiece for government and corporations.

The anchor must become comfortable with having very little personality of his own—and jarring idiosyncrasies are utterly out of the question. On air, the anchor is neutral, a castratus, a eunuch.

This is a time-honored ancient tradition. The eunuch, by his diminished condition, has the trust of the ruler. He guards the emperor’s inner sanctum. He acts as a buffer between his master and the people. He applies the royal seal to official documents.

Essentially, the anchor is saying, “See, I’m ascetic in the service of truth. Why would I hamstring myself this way unless my mission is sincere objectivity-” And the public buys it.

All expressed shades of emotion occur and are managed within that persona of the dependable court eunuch. The anchor who can move the closest to the line of being human without actually arriving there is the champion. These days, it’s Brian Williams.

The vibrating string between eunuch and human is the frequency that makes an anchor great. Think Cronkite, Chet Huntley, Edward R Murrow. Huntley was a just a touch too masculine, so they teamed him up with David Brinkley, a high-IQ medium-boiled egg. Brinkley supplied twinkles of comic relief.

The public expects to hear that vibrating string. It’s been conditioned by many hard nights at the tube, watching the news. When Diane Sawyer goes too far and begins dribbling (alcohol- tranqs-) on her collar, a danger light blinks on and a mark is entered against her in the book.

The cable news networks don’t really have anyone who qualifies as an elite anchor. Wolf Blitzer of CNN made his bones during the first Iraq war only because his name fit the bombing action so well. Brit Hume of FOX has more anchor authority than anyone now working in network television, but he’s semi-retired, content to play the role of contributor, because he knows the whole news business is a scam on wheels.

There are other reasons for “voice-neutrality” of the anchor. Neutrality conveys a sense of science. “We did the experiment in the lab and this is how it turned out.”

Neutrality gives assurance that everything is under control. And neutrality implies: the nation is so powerful we don’t need to trumpet our facts; we don’t need to become excited; our strength is that secure.

Neutrality implies: this is a democracy; an anchor is no more important than the next person (and yet he is—another contradiction, swallowed).

Neutrality implies: we, the news division, don’t have to make money (a lie); we’re not like the soaps and the cop shows; we’re on a higher plane; we’re performing a public service; we’re like a responsible charity.

In ancient Athens, if there were voices narrating the story line of the Polis, they belonged to the playwrights. They translated their current myths into tragedy and comedy.

Now, the voice belongs to the elite anchor. He is the polished predator drone that descends on the nation every night to make his case for What Is Important.

The anchor is the answer to the age-old question about the people. Do the people really want to suck in superficial cause and effect and surface detail, or do they want deeper truth- Do the people want comfortable gigantic lies, or do they want to look behind the curtain-

The anchor, of course, goes for surface only.

But it turns out that his answer is wrong. The people, at a profound level, want to be awakened. This is what they’re waiting for. This is what they’re hoping for, despite all appearances to the contrary.

They want to throw off the whole cloud of boredom and anxiety that surrounds them. They want to offload the whole stinking mess of lies.

If by some miracle, this revolution occurred on the evening news, the people wouldn’t collapse, the nation wouldn’t collapse. The news divisions of the networks would collapse.

They aren’t geared for the truth. Their sources don’t tell the truth. Their reporters aren’t given time to find the truth.

And the anchor is so accustomed to lying and so accustomed to believing the lies are true that he wouldn’t know how to shift gears. He would have to become a different kind of actor, one he has no training for.

“Well, folks, our top story tonight…it turns out that IG Farben, a famous chemical and pharmaceutical octopus that put Hitler over the top in Germany, was instrumental in planning what became the EU, the European Union. In other words, today’s United Europe is World War Two by other means.”

I don’t think Williams, Pelley, or Sawyer could deliver that line without going into a terminal coughing paroxysm.

At the end of the Roman Empire, when the whole structure was coming apart, a brilliant and devious decision was made at the top. The Empire would proceed according to a completely different plan. Instead of continuing to stretch its resources to the breaking point with military conquests, it would attack the mind.

It would establish the Roman Church and write new spiritual law. These laws and an overriding cosmology would be dispensed, in land after land, by official “eunuchs.” Men who, distanced from the usual human appetites, would automatically gain the trust of the people.

These priests would “deliver the news.” They would be the elite anchors, who would translate God’s orders and revelations to the public.

By edict, no one would be able to communicate with God, except through these “trusted ones.” Therefore, as far the people were concerned, the priest was actually higher on the ladder of power than God Himself.

In fact, it would fall to the new Church to reinterpret all of history, writing it as a series of symbolic clues that revealed and confirmed Church doctrine (story line).

For example, the famous event wherein King Solomon received the Queen of Sheba, would now officially be conceived as illustrative of The Arrival, a Church “headline” category, covering many disparate bits of the past.

Reinterpreted, Sheba and Solomon were nothing more and nothing less than the Church’s precise copyrighted and fully owned story of the entrance of Jesus into this world. One arrival became another arrival.

If this seems absurd, unbelievable, grossly puerile, and illogical to us today, it was very serious business for the Roman Church. Recasting history was an essential function of its news division.

You can go to a small church in the Tuscan town of Arezzo and see one of the greatest paintings realized in all of Western history, Piero della Francesca’s Legend of the True Cross. A panel of this fresco depicts King Solomon receiving the Queen of Sheba.

Why- Why is it there- Why was it part of the Legend of the True Cross- Because, suddenly, it was The Arrival. It had new official, historical, and technical meaning, as decreed by the Roman Church.

The Church’s news division had made it so, led by its universally trusted eunuchs, the priests, the bishops, the cardinals, the Popes, the elite anchors, weaving their Matrix.

Today, you could ask, how can people believe the popular stories of wars, when we know powerful financiers and corporations support both sides, for their own devious objectives-

People believe because the popular stories are delivered by contemporary castrati, every night on the evening news.

Jon Rappoport
The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

About the author:
The author of an explosive new collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon
was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of
California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an
investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics,
medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine,
Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon
has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic,
and creative power to audiences around the world.

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Weight Loss Tips That Will Give You Back Your Figure

The journey towards reaching your weight loss goals can seem like a constant battle. With cookies and cakes around every corner, it can be hard to stay focused and on-track. Here, you will find some tips that will help you to stay on track, even when you are faced with temptation.

If you spent a number of years living with surplus weight, you should know that the process of losing it is not going to be a short-term process. The changes that you make in order to slim down will stretch out for many years to come, because maintaining your new weight is no less important than reaching it initially is.

At the mid-point of each meal you eat, give yourself a small break. Our bodies sometimes get confused and don’t know when we are full. Make it a routine that you stop halfway through eating your meal. Take a minute to truly gauge your hunger level. This can help you regulate how much you eat to an appropriate level.

TIP! Do not eat food too quickly if you desire to lose weight. Chew each bit 20 times, have a conversation while eating, and take smaller bites.

A fun and helpful item to use while trying to lose weight is a pedometer. Pedometers count the number of steps you’ve taken. This can help you walk more during the day. The general advice is to walk 10,000 or more steps daily. If you find yourself falling short of that amount, find ways to incorporate more walking into your daily routine.

As time passes, you will understand when you are actually hungry, opposed to when you are triggered to eat by your emotions. Often, people turn to food when they’re not actually hungry; you might be doing the same.

When you go on vacation, you can still continue on your with weight loss. You can save money by packing your own low-calorie meals and snacks. Walk as much as you can, since you will save on cabs and burn calories at the same time. It may be easy to say: “What the heck! Or to say I am on vacation so I am off my diet. “, but you will feel better about yourself if you’re able to stay on your diet.

TIP! Green tea is an antioxidant that helps maintain your health and boost your weight loss. Green tea is one of the best beverages you can take in other than water.

When it comes to weight loss, missing meals can actually hurt your efforts. It is hard to choose high quality food if you are hungry because you skipped a meal. Skipping meals can be unhealthy and counterproductive to your weight reduction plan.

As you attempt to lose weight, try using a pedometer. Try walking around 10,000 steps every day. Challenge yourself in walking more than average, as well. Every move you take helps you be more fit and closer to your goals.

Weight loss is largely a matter of math. In the human body, a single pound of body fat equates to roughly 3500 calories. If you wish to lose a pound, just burn 3500 calories over what you’re eating. A good rule of thumb is to burn 500 calories more than what you ate everyday. This helps you stay on pace to lose a pound each week.

TIP! You have to exercise at least three times a week for 1/2 hour in order to lose weight. Schedule a specific time to work out.

If you want to lose weight, go on a hike. This will help you enjoy the beautiful outdoors while losing weight as well. The more intense the hike, the higher the calories that you’ll burn.

Go out and invest in some high quality home workout machines that you enjoy using. Going to a gym instead often doesn’t work because you may be embarrassed about how you look or how you exercise when other people are watching, plus gym memberships can be very expensive. So if you buy equipment to use at home, you can have the privacy to exercise how you want. In addition, you won’t have to pay monthly or yearly fees.

Getting thin means watching what you eat like a hawk. To reach your goal weight, you need to exercise and eat right. It is essential to use more calories than you ingest.

TIP! Use smaller dishes to make weight loss easier. It’s common to use every inch on our plates, and dishes have gotten bigger in recent years, causing portions sizes to grow accordingly.

Drink more water so that you are less hungry, can lose some water weight. If you lower your food consumption and increase the amount of water to up to a half gallon each day, you will end up losing a lot of the water weight. This is not permanent fat loss, but you could use it once to kick-start a weight loss plan.

Weight Loss

Make sure you have plenty of other things to enjoy besides food. Most people enjoy cooking and eating. That’s okay. Eating can be quite enjoyable. Just ensure that you have other interests that you enjoy just as much or even more. Try getting a hobby that will encourage you to be active.

TIP! Making sure you stay active is a good way to increase your weight loss. Try not to stay immobile for the rest of the day.

As mentioned earlier, continuing a weight loss program can be very difficult. Bad temptations that make you want to cave seem to be everywhere you look. Utilize the tips you have just read to ensure your weight loss is kept on the right track whenever your brain is thinking about giving in.

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Proper diet is the major to avoid a second (and primary) heart attack and stroke

(NaturalNews) Although it may not sound like a cutting edge scientific discovery, researchers have confirmed that eating a proper diet and avoiding processed convenience foods can dramatically lower the risk of suffering a second heart attack or stroke. Health-minded individuals and alternative medical practitioners have known this for many years, as healthy eating also is the key lifestyle factor in preventing vascular and many other chronic illnesses in the first place. Nonetheless, it may signal an important turning point in mainstream medicine to have this information published in the well respected journal of the American Heart Association, Stroke.

A research team from the McMaster University’s Population Health Research Institute in Canada has found that a heart-healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fish significantly reduces the chance of a second heart attack and stroke in people with cardiovascular disease. The scientists determined that heart healthy dietary modifications prove much more important to prevent future vascular events as compared to those prescribed the typical pharmaceutical cocktail of dangerous drugs.

Lead study author, Dr. Mahshid Dehghan noted “At times, patients don’t think they need to follow a healthy diet since their medications have already lowered their blood pressure and cholesterol — that is wrong… dietary modification has benefits in addition to those seen with aspirin, angiotensin modulators, lipid-lowering agents and beta blockers.” To assess the impact of diet on cardiovascular health, researchers conducted a five year study on a cohort of 32,000 patients with an average age of 66.5 years.

To conduct their study, the team utilized food frequency questionnaires to determine consumption of milk, vegetables, fruits, grains, fish, nuts, meat and poultry over the past 12 months. They then used two dietary indexes to assess diet quality to provide a composite of cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction, stroke, or congestive heart failure. During the 56 month study period, the scientists recorded 5,190 events that followed a graded association between diet quality and the recurrence of cardiovascular events.

The researchers found that those with the healthiest eating patterns that excluded sources of sugar, hydrogenated fats and chemical preservatives experienced a “consistent benefit” over and above the benefits of taking medications to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke. Healthy eating was associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease by more than 20 percent.

The authors concluded “Physicians should advise their high-risk patients to improve their diet and eat more vegetables, fruits, grains and fish…. this could substantially reduce cardiovascular recurrence beyond drug therapy alone and save lives globally.” Although this study focused on patients with existing cardiovascular disease, health-conscious individuals understand that a diet consisting primarily of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and organic meats will dramatically lower the risk of vascular and most deadly chronic illnesses.

Sources for this article include:

About the author:
John Phillip is a Certified Nutritional Consultant and Health Researcher and Author who writes regularly on the cutting edge use of diet, lifestyle modifications and targeted supplementation to enhance and improve the quality and length of life. John is the author of ‘Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan’, a comprehensive EBook explaining how to use Diet, Exercise, Mind and Targeted Supplementation to achieve your weight loss goal. Visit My Optimal Health Resource to continue reading the latest health news updates, and to download your Free 48 page copy of ‘Your Healthy Weight Loss Plan’.

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Turning the tables: Listed here are the names and residential addresses of all Journal News employees

(NaturalNews) In a move supporters say equates with the expression, “Turnabout is fair play,” a local New York publication has decided to publish the names, addresses and work-related information of all employees of The Journal News, the paper that recently decided to invade the privacy of lawful handgun permit holders by publishing their names and addresses.

“The map indicates the addresses of all Journal News Employees in the New York Tri-State area. Each dot represents an individual Journal News employee — a reporter, editor or staffer,” writes Robert Cox, of the site, Talk of the Sound. “The data does not include freelancers – reporters or photographers – which can be hired without being an employee. Being included in this map does not mean the individual at a specific location is a responsible reporter or editor, just that they are a reporter or editor.”

To create the map, Cox said the website “submitted Google searchers for the names and addresses of all Journal News employees in the New York Tri-State area.” Under state law, he added, “the information is public record.”

New effort to protect privacy

Fallout from the publication of those records – which, according to published reports may currently be subject to open records laws – is continuing unabated, as millions of Americans display their outrage over what ordinarily would be a blatant violation of the privacy rights of these lawful permit holders.

New York State Sen. Greg Ball said he will introduce legislation soon that would ban disclosure of information contained in handgun license applications except to law enforcement officials involved in an active criminal investigation.

“The asinine editors at The Journal News have once again gone out of their way to place a virtual scarlet letter on law-abiding firearm owners throughout the region. The immediate elimination of the information posted on the Journal News website is the only way we can ensure the safety and liberty of these New Yorkers,” Ball said in a statement.

“This is clearly a violation of privacy, and needs to be corrected immediately. The same elitist eggheads who use their editorial page to coddle terrorists and criminals are now treating law-abiding citizens like level three sexual predators,” he continued.

The Journal News has placed the lives of these folks at risk by creating a virtual shopping list for criminals and nut jobs. Publishing this information on a website provides criminals with a map of where they can steal firearms from lawful owners for later use in the commission of crimes,” said Ball. “Preventing the theft of guns and their criminal misuse is an important public-policy goal. This map is bad for the good guys and good for the bad guys.”

What is shame is that, given the U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment privacy protections, a state lawmaker has to actually introduce new legislation that would specifically protect what should already be protected, since the Constitution trumps state law.

Story is going viral globally

In addition to being talked about widely across the United States, the story has gone global as well, Talk of the Sound noted:

El Pais, the largest-circulated daily in Spain, has linked this article. Politiken, one of Denmark’s leading papers, has linked this article. The Daily Mail, the United Kingdom’s second biggest-selling daily newspaper, linked this article. Toronto Sun, one of Canada’s largest papers, has linked this article., one of the most popular Russian language online resources, has linked this article.

Gun owners all over the country are pointing out that by publishing the names of permit holders, the paper put those persons and their families in danger of having their homes broken into and having their guns stolen.

But also, a criminal looking to knock over a couple of houses now has a much better idea of who may not have a gun in their home (a handgun at least), putting them in greater danger.


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20 dark predictions for 2013, the year of oppression and insanity

(NaturalNews) 2013 will go down in history as the year of global insanity. The Earth isn’t going crazy, but many of the people who inhabit it certainly are. Madness is about to be unleashed on many fronts: economic, social, political, financial and more. In the near future, you will look back on the Christmas of 2012 and think, “Wow, those were the GOOD times!”

Do not read this article if you wish to continue frolicking in the land of TV delusions, fake news and celebrity gossip. These are the darkest real-world predictions I’ve ever published, and they are not things I ever wish to see come true. But I can’t deny the reality of where things are headed. If we project present-day trends into 2013, 2014 and 2015, the picture becomes a multi-front nightmare.

The madness in America has reached a crescendo. Nearly half the population is now under the mind control of a “cult of personality” political figure named Obama who is deliberately dismantling America one day at a time. Unlike Bush who was simply a tyrant, Obama is a charismatic tyrant, and that’s far more dangerous. As you may recall, Adolf Hitler was also highly charismatic and won over the hearts and minds of his followers, using many of the very same speech patterns as Obama, an expert in neurolinguistic programming and emotional manipulation.

Because the population has been mesmerized into a state of near-total complacency, an actual police state society is being rolled out right before our eyes, complete with the planned destruction of the Bill of Rights and the characterization of anyone who believes in the Constitution as a “terrorist.”

Both Republicans and Democrats are doing nothing to stop it, as they have been taken over by corporate interests or have been promised positions of power in the new society that they plan to install after they crush the Republic.

With Obama at the helm, America is being turned into a gulag nation, complete with the sexual abuse of the citizens by federal agents (TSA), secret execution lists of American citizens (NDAA), secret gulag prisons and the government’s continued staging of mass shootings (Aurora and more) to keep the population psychologically controlled in a never-ending state of fear.

The ultimate plan, as you will see rolled out over the next few years, is installing Communism in America, which requires the complete government takeover of the economy, the total disarmament of the population so that people cannot fight back, the “elimination” of all who believe in freedom and liberty, and the official destruction of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

I wish I could say 2013 would be the year of “love” and “peace,” but unfortunately these will be used to provide a cover story for hatred, destruction and war. President Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, is already one of the most repugnant war criminals in human history, having launched or continued eight regional wars, complete with the dropping of “peace bombs” on innocent women and children.

As long as Obama talks about “love” at home — even while firing drone missiles at innocent children in the Middle East — he is worshipped by his mind-slave minions in the USA. By invoking LOVE, Obama emotionally disarms the People and furthers his agenda of hatred, destruction and enslavement. His supporters have lost discernment and unknowingly are supporting the rise of the next tyrannical dictator.

If we even have a Presidential election in 2016, I will be surprised. 2012 may have witnessed the last shreds of the Republic being deliberately terminated.

The following predictions apply from 2013 to the end of 2015, as I always make predictions in three-year blocks.

The so-called “fiscal cliff” is only the beginning of what we’re about to witness. When record-low tax revenues are reported in April because of Obama’s planned destruction of the U.S. economy, ratings organizations will downgrade U.S. debt, setting off a global selloff that could thrust America into a “nightmare” scenario of being unable to sell more debt (or at least not at reasonable interest rates).

This, in turn, would result in the Fed turning solely to printing new money to buy U.S. debt, quickly accelerating into compounding hyperinflation.

Obama is coming after the guns, and he’s aided by some of the most insidious and psychotic individuals walking the planet today: Joe Biden, Dianne Feinstein, Michael Moore and others.

Their goal is the complete disarmament of the American people so that the government has total control over all firepower, just like in China, North Korea and Hitler’s Germany.

It’s all pure hypocrisy, of course, because all of these people have their own armed bodyguards. Obama’s children are protected by eleven armed guards in a private school. Michael Moore has armed body guards. Dianne Feinstein has a concealed weapons permit in California. They all want themselves to be able to have weapons, but not YOU, the “little people” of America.

2013 is the year things may break out into mass violence in America. Look for Obama to declare Martial Law and announce a mandatory nationwide gun confiscation measure.

This, of course, will lead to even more violence as armed citizens begin fighting back against an out-of-control federal government that attempts to seize power and nullify the entire U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

Already, guns, ammo and magazines are virtually impossible to find and buy. This shortage will continue throughout 2013 and even well into 2014. Even if strict new gun control laws are not passed, the existing shortage cannot be filled until roughly the end of 2013.

The wait time on purchase many new rifles has already reached one year. It’s likely to get even worse in 2013.

The U.S. is very likely to be involved in military strikes on Iran. The excuse will be that “Iran has nuclear weapons,” but of course so does America, and the leadership of America is clinically insane.

This old “weapons of mass destruction” sham was the same excuse President Bush used to attack Iraq, remember- Now Obama will use essentially the same ploy to launch another “Peace Prize” war on a nation of innocent people. After all, he’s the President of LOVE, right- And there’s no better way to express LOVE for people than to bomb their children into bloody bits, Obama believes.

This is the big prediction for 2013 – 2015. A very large false flag attack will be carried out by the government and used to blame patriots and gun owners. This attack will be, on the small side, another school massacre or the bombing of a government building. On the large side, it could even be the release of a radiological weapon in a major U.S. city.

The false flag 9/11 attack worked so well to strip away America’s rights and freedoms that it will be repeated. But this time it could be much larger, potentially involving the death of hundreds of thousands of people. There is no limit to the evil of Big Government. They will do anything to maintain power and destroy liberty, even if it means “sacrificing” a few hundred thousand innocent lives. Once this happens, Obama will once again take to the airways and pronounce his “LOVE” for the American people.

The TSA will soon be armed. That’s the plan, didn’t you know- Take the most psychotic government workers in the nation — who are already known pedophiles, drug dealers, child porn dealers, thieves and shakedown artists — and arm them with government weapons to be used against the American people.

Soon, the roadway checkpoints will be set up and armed TSA goons will be molesting women and children on highways just like they already do in the airports!

Remember, TSA “officers” receive no police training. They take no oath of office. They are not “law enforcement” by any stretch of the imagination. They receive a week’s worth of training and then are let loose on the American people. (A typical police officer, in great contrast, will receive many months of training and swear an oath to protect the Constitution.) The uniforms worn by TSA are actually costumes with fake badges that mean nothing more than a plastic badge you might buy at a toy store.

As the crushing of liberties continues across America (censorship, destroying the Bill of Rights, secret arrests, etc.) you will witness the rise of resistance groups. They may take many forms, including info-warriors, online resistance, protests, and possibly even physical resistance groups that carry out missions in the physical world.

The more aggressive, abuse and outrageous the government becomes, the more easily resistance groups will be able to recruit members. This is just an historical fact. In times of peace and fairness, there is little or no resistance. But in times of government oppression and tyranny, resistance grows quickly.

You can expect websites like, and many others to be seized by the government following a declaration of Martial Law. The purpose of this is to prevent people from asking questions or being informed. The U.S. press, already tightly controlled by the White House, will be completely taken over to become state-run media much like exists in China.

Natural News is right now working on an “information underground railroad” technology that can allow readers to stay in touch with us without using websites, browsers or email.

The irreconcilable differences between government worshippers and government skeptics will reach a boiling point, especially over the issue of gun control. Those who worship government vehemently believe that all people should be disarmed and tightly controlled by the “all knowing” government, which they see as the ultimate source of wisdom and love. True Americans, on the other hand, rightfully see government as inherently evil and destructive, and they believe in individual liberty, the Constitution, and genuine patriotism.

Expect to see isolated acts of violence between these two groups. Remember, the government worshippers want to see all the Constitutionalists rounded up and sent to concentration camps (FEMA camps). But Constitutionalists will not willingly go. They will fight back against tyranny.

Expect to see UN troops in U.S. cities before the end of 2015. The planned rollout of conflict in the USA is going to be followed by UN troops arriving on the scene to “rescue” the USA.

The whole point of all this is to take over America, disarm the entire nation, and move toward global government run by the insanely criminal United Nations. The military occupation of America will be called a “peacekeeping mission” just like it’s called everywhere else that UN troops invade another nation.

Once UN troops start showing up in America, you can expect armed resistance to really kick into high gear. Blue helmets make easy targets for American sharpshooters, and the American people have stored away billions of bullets for a rainy day. There will be no hesitation to fight back against enemy occupation.

As all this is happening, the media will unleash a wave of vicious attacks on anyone who owns a gun or believes in the Constitution. Gun owners will be immediately labeled “terrorists,” and anyone who talks about the Bill of Rights or the Constitution will be subject to arrest and imprisonment in Obama’s secret gulag prisons (NDAA).The criminally-run industry of psychiatry will enter into the fray, providing a convenient “mental disorder” label that can be used to arrest and medicate anyone who opposes government.

“Obedience Defiance Disorder” is already on the books in the industry of psychiatry, and it will be used to deny firearms to anyone who makes any statement whatsoever against the government. If you post a pro-gun comment on Facebook, for example, not only will your Facebook account be terminated, you can also be arrested and drugged for having a “mental disorder.”

Obama’s planned destruction of the U.S. economy will accelerate from 2013 – 2015, causing millions more people to lose their jobs. Employers will continue offshoring jobs, slashing job positions and job hours. Food stamp rolls will balloon, and the ultimate goal is to make more people entirely dependent on the government so that they will continue to vote for whichever candidates promise the most aggressive expansion of collectivist government.The storage of ammunition, firearms and even food will be outlawed in America. Preparedness activities will be considered “acts of treason” against the nation, and people will be arrested and imprisoned for “prepping.”

The government, of course, will continue to stockpile ammo, weapons, food and survival gear. But that’s only for government. All private citizens will be criminalized for such actions.

At some point in all this, riots will break out. This could be triggered by any number of things: financial crash, bank holidays, the announcement of Martial Law, food shortages, etc.

No matter what the cause, riots will be used to further monopolize power in the hands of government by having government instigators join the riots and start throwing explosives or firing guns. This will allow the media and the government to characterize all crowds as “terrorists” and start opening fire on protesters everywhere. If this happens, it will accelerate the rise of the resistance.

Thanks to record crop failures in 2012, food shortages are already going to hit in 2013. But they could be made far worse by the government announcing Martial Law and then declaring price controls on food staples. This will result in immediate shortages. The government will then try to step in and control food distribution and supply, creating a total nightmare scenario for citizens.

Food will be denied to areas that have a large number of resistance members. This will primarily target urban areas, where most people own firearms and know how to use them. The strategy of the dictatorial government will become, “Starve ‘em out!” (It won’t work, of course, because country folks know how to raise their own food.)

You can fully expect 2013 to be another year of radical weather around the globe. Expect yet more food shortages to occur as crops fail due to floods, droughts and freezes.Speaking of weather, solar weather will also take a turn toward the extreme. The sun is entering a high-activity phase of its cycle, and this could play havoc with satellites and even the power grid.

If a large solar flare achieves a direct hit on the planet, it could cause widespread power grid failures followed by a chain of nuclear power plant meltdowns globally.

This could cause a massive population collapse and render large sections of the planet uninhabitable for centuries.

No matter what happens in 2013 – 2015, you will be told that the answer is to have bigger government controlling more of your money and your life. The only reason we have problems today, we’re told, is because government doesn’t yet have enough control. If we would only give up our paychecks, our jobs, our private property, our rights and our freedoms, government will “provide” for everyone!


Of course, there are countries where this has already been tried. Those countries are called North Korea, China, Cuba, etc. Are these countries shining examples of freedom and utopia- Nope, they’re the hell holes of the world where disarmed populations suffer under the brutality of communist regimes.

That’s the future that lays ahead for America if something doesn’t change. Obama has been installed in the White House precisely for the purpose of “terraforming” America into a communist nation. If the American people remain asleep and apathetic, he may actually succeed.

About the author: Mike Adams is a consumer health advocate and award-winning journalist with a mission to teach personal and planetary health to the public He is a prolific writer and has published thousands of articles, interviews, reports and consumer guides, and he has published numerous courses on preparedness and survival, including financial preparedness, emergency food supplies, urban survival and tactical self-defense. Adams is an honest, independent journalist and accepts no money or commissions on the third-party products he writes about or the companies he promotes. In mid 2010, Adams produced, a natural health video sharing website offering user-generated videos on nutrition, green living, fitness and more. He’s also the founder of a well known HTML email software company whose ‘Email Marketing Director’ software currently runs the NaturalNews subscription database. Adams volunteers his time to serve as the executive director of the Consumer Wellness Center, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and practices nature photography, Capoeira, martial arts and organic gardening.

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Tips on how to prevent cancer with everyday foods

(NaturalNews) The best way to treat disease is to prevent it from ever forming in the first place. And one of the primary ways to effectively prevent disease from forming is to eat foods that are rich in disease-fighting vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants, all of which create conditions inside the body that are unfavorable for the onset of chronic illness. Particularly with cancer, which is now estimated to afflict as many as one in two people throughout their lifetime, eating plenty of foods with proven anti-cancer benefits can make all the difference in determining whether or not you will live a vibrant, disease-free life, or become just another statistic of the “sick-care” industry.

What makes this somewhat difficult; however, is the fact that much of the modern food supply has become heavily tainted with pesticides and herbicides, genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), artificial chemicals, and various other toxins that are directly linked to causing cancer. So in order to make this work, you will need to focus on obtaining 1) clean, organic, chemical-free fruits and vegetables for you and your family. Apples, lettuce, strawberries, peaches, blueberries, celery, and various other soft and porous produce items tend to retain the highest levels of chemical residues, so it is especially important to purchase organic varieties of these items. (

Since cancer requires an “acidic” bodily state in order to thrive, it is also important that you 2) eat plenty of alkaline-forming foods such as organic fruits and vegetables, mineral water, and raw almonds. At the same time, you will want to specifically 3) avoid eating acid-forming foods, which include things like processed vegetable oils, refined sugars, processed flours, coffee, and alcohol. Maintaining a proper acid-alkaline balance is something your body is already pre-programmed to do, of course, but feeding it the nutrients it needs to ensure an optimal balance is critical for thwarting cancer. (

As far as specific anti-cancer foods you can consume, 4) cruciferous vegetables like cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts are superior when it comes to blocking the formation of cancer tumors. These vegetables’ sulforaphane content alone, which is even more amplified when they are eaten in sprout form, has been shown to have a prolific ability to destroy and eradicate cancer cells. A recent study out of Texas, for instance, found that sulforaphane is highly effective at treating childhood leukemia ( Cruciferous vegetables are also loaded with other powerful antioxidants and phytochemicals that detoxify carcinogens from the body before they even get the chance to damage cells.

5) Eating organic apples every day has also been shown to help prevent cancer, as this fruit’s unique combination of fiber, free radical-fighting antioxidants, and phenolic compounds kill cancer cells and inhibit their spread. Apple peels by themselves have been shown to contain at least 12 anti-cancer nutrients that protect the liver, colon, breasts, and other organs against cancer ( Apple seeds are also loaded with an anti-cancer compound known as amygdalin, which is also found in almonds, peach pits, and other fruit seeds, that basically trick cancer cells into dying by releasing deadly toxins from their glucose component. (

Though not technically a “food,” per se, 6) clean, fluoride-free, alkaline water, and lots of it, is vital for preventing cancer. Not only does your digestive system rely on a steady stream of clean water to dilute toxic compounds in the bowel and flush them from your system, but your cells also require water to stay hydrated. And since electrolyte compounds are necessary for both intracellular and extracellular hydration, adding a little bit of 7) trace mineral-rich sea salt and coconut powder to your water every day can help maximize hydration and optimize your body’s physiological balance. (

It also might be worth your while to 8) follow the protocols of the Gerson Diet, which was developed by the late Dr. Max Gerson for the purpose of preventing and treating cancer. As we covered recently here at Natural News, the Gerson Diet promotes full-body detoxification in conjunction with the heavy input of nutrients via juicing and the consumption of whole, organic foods ( A key component of the Gerson Diet diet will require that you 9) regularly take coffee enemas as well, for the purpose of directly flushing your liver, colon, and other vital organs of built-up toxins so they can function at full capacity. (

For general cancer prevention in a far less regimented form, the Gerson Institute recommends abiding by its “Guidelines for General Nutrition from the Gerson Persepctive,” which incorporates a diet that is 75 percent composed of fresh, organic vegetables and fruits, and to a lesser extent potatoes, whole-grain breads (if you are not allergic to wheat or gluten), and organic dairy products. The other 25 percent of the diet may include foods like grass-fed meats, fish, pastured eggs, nuts, and the occasional sweet treat. (

Sources for this article include:

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Uncontrolled medicine: Psychoactive drugs the popular treatment for bullying inside the workplace-

(NaturalNews) If there were ever evidence that doctors are on an ignorant, out-of-control rampage to subject your brain to sedatives, this has got to be it.

Have you been bullied at work- Have you witnessed someone else being bullied- Then you are a prime candidate to be prescribed drugs to deal with your problem, according to research reported by Medical News Today:

The findings showed that workplace bullying was associated with subsequent prescriptions for psychoactive drugs in both men and women.

Women were around 50% more likely to have a prescription for these drugs while men were around twice as likely to do so if they had been bullied at work. And witnessing workplace bullying had a similar impact.

Women were 53% more likely to be prescribed a psychoactive drug, while men were almost twice as likely to receive a prescription of this kind.

Should your doctor be the one to treat you if you have a relationship problem-

Bullying is very much a people problem.
If you 1) bully others 2) get bullied by others or 3) helplessly witness bullying, then you have a relationship problem that requires interpersonal skills as both remedy and prevention.

What does a doctor know about relationships or interpersonal communication-

Not much, considering that the average doctor has the people skills of a marble slab. Does a doctor know how to mediate conflict- Does he know how to deal with intense emotions- Of course not. Doctors do not receive training in these areas. In fact, their jobs encourage disassociation from emotions.

Any doctor worth his salt would promptly refer any relationship issue to a relationship expert with real people skills as a first resort.

This one is so obvious that it is hard not to believe docs are looking for any excuse to sedate your brain.

Dealing with a bully requires being assertive. Being assertive requires freedom from past emotional trauma, inner confidence, a strong sense of justice and a healthy sense of self. If you are being bullied, these qualities are worth developing. Once you have them, they will serve you in a thousand ways for the rest of your life, not just in bullying situations.

Solving the problem by becoming a stronger person is an actual solution that will pay dividends for a lifetime. Taking a drug as a solution robs you of this opportunity.

Don’t look to drugs for answers to people problems. Build real people skills.

About the author:
Join Mike Bundrant for the free online seminar, Cultivating Empowering Beliefs, and learn specifically how to identify the limiting beliefs that keep you from your potential. Then, you will learn a ground-breaking process for cultivating new and empowering beliefs. Two dates in January 2013! Click here for details and to register.

Get the free mini-course taken by more than 15,000 people, Three Soul Stirring Questions That Reveal your Deepest Goals.

Mike Bundrant is co-founder of the iNLP Center and host of Mental Health Exposed, a Natural News Radio program.

Follow Mike on Facebook for daily personal development tips.

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Grow Big Muscles Today With These Tips!

What do you not like about yourself? Are there things about your body that you wish you could change and dwell on? It’s time to alter your attitude towards life and start building muscle today. Read on for great tips on how to build up your muscles quickly and properly.

You must eat carbohydrates, if you want to build muscle. You need carbohydrates to give your body the energy required for working out. When you work out heavily, you should have between two to three grams of carbohydrates for every pound of your body weight.

By learning the best exercise techniques, you can make sure that you’re not wasting time with exercises that will not help you build muscle. Exercising can be divided into muscle building or toning types, in addition to, targeting different muscle groups. It is important that you are using a variety of muscle building exercises on each of your muscle groups.

Bicep Curls

To increase your muscle-building efforts, focus on getting the most from bicep curls. When most people perform these curls, they fail to glean the full benefits because they do not move the bar or weight beyond the parallel point. The strongest portion of bicep curls is the top portion. By doing barbell curls while sitting, can help you fix this.

One surefire way to build muscle is an exercise called the farmer’s walk. This is accomplished by holding somewhat heavy dumbbells by your side and then walking until you have reached your limit. Keep your strides long and your abs tight. When you’re too fatigued to keep going, take a short break–about 90 seconds–and then repeat this exercise. Do that several times daily.

You simply cannot build muscle effectively without getting on the right diet. Your body needs certain nutrients in order to be able to properly rebuild muscle fibers. There have been studies done that show drinking protein shakes after a workout is beneficial for muscle fiber rebuilding.

TIP! To build muscle, watch how many calories you ingest. There are good calories and bad; so focus on consuming healthy whole grains and lean protein along with a good quantity of fresh fruits and veggies.

Take note of what sort of regimens the experts use to build muscle. By learning from a professional, you will have a leg up on the competition, building a strong foundation for success. Use this information to motivate you and give you confidence while you are lifting.

Make sure you employ proper form. Improper form can be counterproductive. If you injure yourself your fitness goals become more elusive. Perform new exercises while looking in a mirror to help perfect correct form.

It is important to remember that certain groups of muscles are more difficult to build than others. Including fill sets in your routine will help you to boost the results in those areas. This is a brief set (25-30 reps) of exercises targeting the group in question, performed two or three days after the group was last worked hard.

Be smart about when and how you work out to optimize muscle growth and minimize injury. If you are just a beginner, engage in difficult workouts no more than two times a week; if you have been doing it for a while, you can add an additional day to your rotation.

TIP! If you intend to supplement your muscle building with creatine, be careful, particularly when using them for a long time. Make sure not to use these types of supplements at all if you have any type of kidney problem.

After you have worked out a particular muscle group, take the time to give that group of muscles a good stretch. This gives your muscles a chance to recover much quicker. While the stretches themselves are likely to be uncomfortable to complete, they’ll positively impact the way your muscles develop.

Focus on building the major muscle groups first. This is accomplished by focusing your attention on developing your upper chest, shoulders and upper back. Bulking up this way makes your waist look smaller, and it can make you look larger overall.

Good hydration is critical to bodybuilding success. If your muscles get dehydrated, they are more prone to injury. Hydration also plays a key role in maintaining and building muscle, so it’s crucial to drink plenty of fluids.

When building muscle is important, do not forget about carbohydrates. Carbs provide energy to your body, allowing you to make it through your workout. Otherwise, your body will break down your stored protein and muscle for energy instead. Eat just enough carbs to increase your body’s function, but don’t overdo it as it can lead to weight gain.

TIP! Remember the main three exercises and include them in your routine. These mass-building exercises include dead lifts, squats and bench presses.

It is important to incorporate a sufficient amount of vegetables into your diet. Often, vegetables are overlooked in a weight training plan, in favor of the emphasis on proteins. There are many nutrients in vegetables that can’t be found in some foods with high protein. In addition, they are excellent sources of fiber. Fiber allows the body to use protein effectively.

If you put this advice into practice and launch a muscle-building program of your own, pretty soon you will go from questioning your appearance to admiring your results. You are sure to love the many benefits, which will include improved appearance, better health and boosted confidence. There is no time better than now to change for the better!

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Dsquared2 Pre-Fall 2013 Collection

The pre-fall 2013 fashion season was packed with surprises as fashion designers chose to venture off into new terrain with their fashion collections and on of the brands that surprised us the most is Dsquared2. The new path to style according to Dean and Dan Caten’s Dsquared2 pre-fall 2013 collection: squeaky clean vintage chicness. The pre-fall season seems to determine the two reputable fashion designers to switch from their usual playful, sexy and bold signature designs and play with vintage elements featuring classic lines and the brand’s last pre-fall collection is proof of this as it took a bit of a sixties approach to style. This year, the designers chose to dive even deeper into the vintage fashion scene and stopped at the forties for inspiration which we absolutely love as this was a period in which style reached a whole new level without the use of skin revealing cuts.

A glimpse at Dsquared2′s pre-fall 2013 collection will be sufficient to sweep you off your feet especially if you have a penchant for vintage inspired fashion designs. All the elements maintain that classic chicness the 40s were all about, however the fabrics, the color combos and the display of the designs gave the collection a slightly modern allure that fits the contemporary style divas perfectly.

This is definitely a collection that is not intended for the honeys that love to show off plenty of skin as it is packed with midi and maxi dresses, curve-hugging pencil skirts, baggy trousers, comfy knits and classic and elegant looking coats. The fact that this is not your average fashion collection is also underlined by the designer’s choice to focus more on deux pieces, coats and pencil skirts, unlike other labels that opted to pay a tribute to the dress with their collections, by making this particular fashion item the ‘queen of the show’. However, this is an element that is necessary when it comes to 2013 fashion, so the dresses included in this collection were kept either below the knees or down to the floor, featuring a body hugging structure or an old Hollywood glamor appeal.

This is the season to start mixing up and layering elements as the designers prove by mixing pencil skirts with tucked in blouses, stylish fitted cardigans, chambray blazers, straight line coats, stylish classic trousers with shirts, basically any mix that will give you a totally unique vibe. The detail that tops the collection and amps-up the sex appeal: the chunky platforms paired with ankle length socks! Although not a new a mix as this is a comeback trend that delivers a high visual impact, the fact that this trend was paired with the fabulous achromatic and vivaciously pigmented designs signed Dsquared2 pre-fall 2013, gave the collection an even hotter allure and turned it into a definite DO for style inspiration!

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Four easy home remedies for chronic indigestion

(NaturalNews) Indigestion has many aspects, from simply feeling bloated and too full to full blown IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) or IBD (inflammatory bowel disease). The latter includes both ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Basic eating habits can prevent simple indigestion and keep gastrointestinal disorders away or minimize them if they already exist. Start with a good eating environment that’s without stress, bad feelings, or talking about stressful activities. Actually, too much of any gabbing interferes with good digestion.

That’s because digestion begins with enzymes and beneficial bacteria from the saliva in the mouth. Cramming in to much food with each bite and swallowing after only two or three chews overwhelms the beginning of digestive function.

It’s also a good idea to avoid cold beverages while eating. Liquids should not be cooler than room temperature. Ayurveda and Chinese medicine point respect to what they call the fire of digestion that begins in the stomach. Also, drink sparingly while eating, lest you drown the fire of digestion.

The foundation for proper food mixing is based on not mixing foods that require different time spans for complete digestion. Animal foods, especially meats, take the longest. Next comes complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains. Then simple carbohydrates, refined grains, etc.

Fruits are digested the quickest. That’s why they should be eaten away from main meals. The same goes for processed carbohydrate or sugary desserts. When slower digesting foods mix into the faster digesting foods, fermentation can occur leading to indigestion.

It’s also a good idea to include soluble fiber foods with insoluble fiber foods, with an attempt toward eating soluble fiber foods first. For example, your main dish with rice or potatoes (soluble fiber) should precede salad (insoluble fiber). Source [1] below contains lists of soluble and insoluble fiber foods.

(1) Aloe vera juice is great for digestive problems and healthy in so many other ways. It can be regarded as a miracle plant juice. Look for unadulterated, unsweetened, unpasteurized, and non-irradiated aloe vera juice, whether pressed from whole leaves or the fileted gel within the leaf.

The whole leaf versus gel only controversy is one you should explore to decide what makes sense to you. Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-oxidant, and anti-cancer. It requires only a little aloe vera consumption to handle digestive problems, but much more to cure cancer. It also facilitates detoxification.

Aloe vera has been clinically proven (though not publicized by MSM) to handle both extremes and a lot of health issues in between. (

(2) A simple technique of thoroughly chewing a handful of dry fennel seeds after eating can facilitate good digestion. These are usually available in Indian restaurants the way mints are up for grabs in many western eateries. But you can have them on hand at home cheaply. Some swear by fennel tea for indigestion.

(3) Ginger and coriander aid digestion. Ginger powder or ground ginger root can be used as a spice. Ginger tea or capsules soothes many digestive disorders or upset stomachs from motion sickness or other causes.

Coriander seeds or powders are used in Indian and Chinese cuisine. Their additions are great for promoting good digestion. Using the coriander anti-inflammatory plant leaves, commonly known as cilantro, helps remove heavy metals from your system. (

(4) Fermented foods contain naturally produced probiotic beneficial bacteria. They should be eaten often. They include sauerkraut, miso, kimchi, pickles, aged cheese, “live” yogurts, and fresh sourdough bread baked without bromine and without preservatives.

Making your own milk or water kefir helps you maintain the proper beneficial to pathogenic balance of 85 to 15 in your gut. (

Reversing or reducing this optimum ratio leads to Candida overgrowth and a plethora of weird symptoms too difficult to diagnose for most MDs.

Less sugar and fewer refined carbs in your diet will also help maintain that intestinal flora balance. Avoid antibiotics. Be prepared to take heavy doses of probiotic supplements if you’re forced into antibiotic use.

Sources for this article include:

[1] Souble fiber foods and Non-soluble fiber foods

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